2016 might be over, but…

2016 might be over, but…

I would like to give a little update on the year’s stats. First the last quarter of 2016 and then the year’s overview.

4rd Quarter (October, November, December) Blog Performance

Between October 1st and December 31st this blog was viewed a total of 2802 times! Thank you! That gives a monthly average of 934 views.

October 2016

In October my blog received a total of 212 views, and only one post was published: I came out of my shell a while ago, but …
The three top reads of the month were:  I came out of my shell a while ago, but … (36 views, 16,98% of the month’s total views), My Colette Surprise (6 views, 2,83%) and The Seed We Did Not Sow (5 views, 2,36%).
Top referrals in October were: Search Engines with 53 views, The WP reader with 7 views and Twitter with 2 views.

November 2016

520 times this blog was viewed in November. 4 posts were published in the month. One of them was a guest post by lovely Lucy Brazier, opening the advent calendar with The Tale Of The Cursed Hat, guest posts made up 25% of all posts in November.
The most read posts were: It’s almost time for … (103 views, 19,81% of the month’s views), The Tale Of The Cursed Hat by Lucy Brazier | The Sundays of Advent | Advent Calendar 2016 (40 views, 7,69%), Weekend Coffee Share 12/11/2016 (38 views, 7,31%).
Top referrals for the month were: Search Engines (74 views), WP Reader (30 views) and Facebook (13).

December 2016

December was a special month as it was the month of the Advent Calendar! The blog and with it mostly the calendar was viewed a total of 2070 times!
During the month of December 35 posts were published, of which 29 were written by guests (if I am counting correctly), so 82,86% of posts were by guests!
The most read posts of the month were: Bedazzled by Teresa Karlinski | The Sunday’s of Advent | Advent Calendar 2016 (137 views, 6,62%), Home for the Holidays by Sarah Brentyn | Day 2 | Advent Calendar 2016 (103 views, 4,76%), It’s almost time for … (82 views, 3,96%).

The other quarterly reports for 2016 can be found here and here.

The First Full Year of Blogging

Well with the lack of posts going up in 2016, can one really speak of a full year?


Views in 2016 came from various countries. Why is no one interested in Greenland? If you compare with last year then there have been less South American countries but more African ones.

The blog received a total of 11332 views! From a total of 3961 visitors. Giving us 2,86 views per visitor. Thank you for reading my blog!!

A total of 131 posts were published in the year of 2016. The 300th post published on this blog is a guest post.

The top 10 posts of 2016 are:

  1. Breaking the Silence (318 views, 2,81% of the year’s views)
  2. It’s almost time for … (185 views , 1,63%)
  3. Who am I? (175 views, 1,54%)
  4. Learning to Twitter – Part 1 (147 views, 1,3%)
  5. Bedazzled by Teresa Karlinski | The Sunday’s of Advent | Advent Calendar 2016 – a guest post (137 views, 1,21%)
  6. Great Blogging Events – Part 1: Weekly Events (122 views, 1,08%)
  7. A is for my Autobiography – A to Z Challenge April 2015 | Meine Autobiographie | Mon Autobiographie – a post from 2015 (104 views, 0,92%)
  8. Home for the Holidays by Sarah Brentyn | Day 2 | Advent Calendar 2016 – a guest post (103 views, 0,91%)
  9. “I remember” – the speech I did not give (99 views, 0,87%)
  10. 3 months (93 views, 0,82%)

And now to a great 2017! Which will  hopefully be a fruitful year in blogging terms. I have some ideas that I want to put into place and I am wondering what sort of guest post series I could host, any ideas then let me know 🙂

4 thoughts on “2016 might be over, but…

  1. You’ve stirred up great excitement in the last quarter. Good for you.
    Oh, my. Thank you for the shout out, Solveig. To think I thought I didn’t have time to squeeze in another story. Thank you for the poke. 🙂 ❤ ❤


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