Stealing Horses – Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Photo prompt by ©pricelessjoy

“Do you remember, my love, the time when we were young?” her sky blue eyes were suddenly sparkling with life.

“What do you mean Marguerite?” Theodor asked is beloved wife, suffering from dementia, he was not used to her remembering things or even recognising him.

“When we were sixteen”, she started her tale, “we weren’t in love yet, we were just great friends. I was more boyish than you, my head full of trouble. On the neighbours pasture there were two horses, grazing in the evening sun, you remember?”

Theodor nodded with a wide smile spreading over his face, longing for her to continue remembering.

“You were reluctant to my proposition, of stealing those great horses, trained for prestigious competitions. Of course we ended up in trouble. What was important, we kissed for the first time. No one could separate us, as our love was cemented by a deep friendship.” At this Marguerite jumped up and grabbed her old lover’s hand.

“Theodore, let’s go out and steal horses!”

168 words written by Solveig Werner

This is my entry into this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers and also my first participation in this challenge, my blogging friend Lrod incited me to join in this week.

I used the theme of stealing horses as in German there is an expression ‘ein Freund zum Pferde stehlen’ (a friend to steal horses), which refers to a really good friend with whom we can do anything and trust with everything.