M is for Mmm #AtoZChallenge

M is for Mmm

My A to Z muse seems to be on a break for the letter M. Well I actually have a lot of M words floating in my head, Mother, Mistake (wait that was last year’s M word), Minute, Midway (as we are midway through the Alphabet today!), Müll (meaning garbage), MadameMusicMiddle school. None of those words really stuck, at the moment there seems to be no M word that my authentic self needs to write about.

So, I decided to share a little sketch from the past. It does show an word after all, Music (a word that my daughter loves). We are as I am writing this listening to My home is nowhere without you by Herman Düne (I am liking you to the youtube video). Continue reading “M is for Mmm #AtoZChallenge”


If we were having coffee – 9 April 2016

If we were having coffee, then as I do quite often, I would ask you to be quiet as a mouse. Little on is finally napping, it took ages to get there, so I don’t want her to be prematurely woken. Would you like some tea? Or some juice? It’s a bit cold in my apartment so maybe a hot chocolate to heat you back up? I am sorry, this weekend my fruit offerings aren’t as rich as usually, I did go to the market this morning, but they had no rains and the strawberries weren’t all that nice. So you can choose between bananas, kiwis and oranges, or I do have some Easter Chocolate left over… Continue reading “If we were having coffee – 9 April 2016”

Happy Easter!

Once a year I have the pleasure of celebrating Easter, a holiday, which I greatly appreciate, and looking back have always appreciated a lot. I don’t think that I ever did go to an Easter service, but I sure did learn about the religious significance of the holiday. I guess the pagan traditions are the ones that are closest to my heart for this celebration.

I have a very fond memory of Easter, many Easter have left their trace in my memory, while many others have passed almost unnoticed.

One of these memories came back in full force with the passing away of my mother. It must be my first memory of Easter. Here is the image that I had in my head over the last few days: Continue reading “Happy Easter!”

Advent Calendar Day 4: Cherry Blossoms and Snowflakes


Cherry Blossoms and Snowflakes

When growing up my mother used to read an Advent Calendar book to my sister and myself. On the fourth of December it was the day the characters int he book found out about Saint Barbara. Since the 12th Century the 4th of December has been Saint Barbara day (in the orthodox church it’s on the 17th). I recall the story of Saint Barbara being like a fairy tale, reading about the story, made me shiver. It is often romanticised in it’s description, and telling you what I read on Wikipedia does not fit into the christmassy joys of this calendar. Continue reading “Advent Calendar Day 4: Cherry Blossoms and Snowflakes”

Comic art

IMG_3478IMG_3709 Today, I would like to share with you some old paintings I did. These are soon going to be 7 years old. The first picture is a painting I did of Tintin, hardcore Tintin fans will notice that I have taken the liberty to change the shape of the champagne bottle. At the time I did not even know Tintin, and now I have the whole collection… The Tintin picture was in a way commissioned. A friend of mine was in a band, and they wanted to do a Tintin themed concert, as the singer loved Tintin. Well in the end, it was the only Tintin decoration that they had. At the gig I even read out loud some poetry, which was a first for me. One of the poems I read was I carry your heart with me by E.E. Cummings, no one knew it but it was the one everyone enjoyed the most.  The second painting is one I did of Calvin & Hobbes, but that’s obvious isn’t it? I think that I still have it somewhere. I think it was done in a moment of not wanting to study. Today, it reminds me that I have been so lazy to when it comes to expressing myself through paining and drawing.  Around the same time I did a painting of Spiderman, but that one I didn’t think of photographing. It was a present for a friend, and maybe it is still decorating her home? 

I would like to thank Gulara and Ula for nominating me for the Five Photos Five Stories Challenge. In yesterday’s post, I mentioned why Ula decided to nominate me. Today, I decided to share some art with you as Gulara nominated me as my recent post on art had inspired her. Speaking of art, I would like to nominate Trista

The rules of the Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge are: 1) Post a photo each day for five consecutive days. 2) Attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or a short paragraph. It’s entirely up to the individual. 3) Nominate another blogger to carry on the challenge. Your nominee is free to accept or decline the invitation. This is fun, not a command performance!

(I hosted the pictures on flickr)    

following the impulse

Yesterday, my daughter was asleep and S. was busy studying (= occupying the computer), something made me get up, make a whole lot of noise to extract my oil pastels from their hiding place.

I made myself confortable and let the colours flow onto the paper, I didn’t have a specific image in my head. I let my soul decide what to do. And it felt really good.


When I write, I like the words to flow, and from the feedback I have been getting recently, it seems to be a good way for me to go about it. So, yesterday, I did the same thing, just not with words, but with oil pastels. Now, I do hope that I’ll be doing more drawing and painting in the future (hey, it’s a great activity to let the mind wander, and it does not over heat the computer on hot days…)

I used to draw, paint, sculpt a lot in the past. With 15 things came to a sudden halt, as school was too demanding to concentrate on artistic activities. But now and again I dwelled in creativity. During my second year at university I did quite a bit of painting, I gave a spiderman painting to a friend, did some cute paintings of Calvin and Hobbes, and even did a “commissioned” piece. A friend of mine was in a band, and they were going to have a Tintin themed decoration at their concert, stupidly I sold my painting for 2 pounds…, but I still have a picture of it somewhere. You might know my painting of Wawel Castle. But for a few years I have been laying low, so that’s why I am happy that I didn’t think to much and just followed my heart yesterday.

When I was finished, I started to wonder, what does this drawing say about me? How would this be seen by a psychologist? Is it positive, negative, lively?

And then I had a bit of fun cropping the photo I took of my drawing. So these are all extracts of what you see above.




So what do you think? Do you like it? What stories do you see?

Do you sometimes sit down and let your heart and not your head decide? When you write, draw, paint, compose, create, do you like to shift the focus to an extract? How does that make you see your work?

Text and artwork (hosted on flickr) by Solveig Werner

W is for Wawel Castel – A to Z Challenge April 2015 | Wawel Schloss | Château du Wawel

I understood nothing, that was said or sung. I was not part of it. I knew that I was an outsider here. But here people weren’t here to judge others. I did not really fit in, but it felt ok to be there.

It was still dark outside when we left home. When we arrived the day only started to dawn, slowly. We were almost late, and there was no space left. But we still fit in, somehow. It was cold inside the church, it felt even colder than outside of it.

S. and I had gotten up early to attend an early Sunday morning service in the church of Wawel Castle.  It was impressive to see how many people had come. All dressed in their best clothing, many women wore fur coats. There were I think no foreigners present, as tourists and erasmus students don’t tend to get up early on Sundays.

It was a great experience, it was an observation of Polish traditions and habits, within one of the most important buildings of the country, Wawel Castle.

While I lived in Krakau, the view from the living room and bedroom was the Wawel Castle, I painted the view that I had in October 2009. I sat on the windowsill in the living room.

Wawel Castle by Solveig Werner,  2009
Wawel Castle by Solveig Werner, October 2009

Ich konnte nichts verstehen von dem was gesagt oder gesungen wurde. Ich gehörte nicht dazu, ich war eine Außenseiterin. Aber die Menschen waren nicht hier um andere zu beurteilen. Auch wenn ich nicht wirklich dahin gehörte, so fühlte es sich trotzdem richtig an.

Als wir von Zuhause aufbrachen war es noch stockfinster. Bei unserer Ankunft fing gerade erst die Dämmerung an. Fast wären wir spät dran gewesen, Platz gab es auch keinen mehr, aber wir passten trotzdem irgendwie rein. Es war kalt. In der Kirche war es kälter als draußen.

S. und ich sind am Morgen früh aufgestanden um an einem frühen Sonntagmorgen Gottesdienst in der Kirche des Wawel Schlosses teilzunehmen. Es war umwerfend zu sehen wie viele Menschen gekommen waren. Alle in ihrer feinsten Kleidung, viele Frauen trugen Pelzmäntel. Ich denke, dass fast keine Ausländer dort waren, denn Touristen und Erasmusstudenten stehen nicht gerne früh auf, keinen falls an Sonntagen…

Zurückblickend war es eine super Erfahrung, es war eine Beobachtung der polnischen Bräuche und Gewohnheiten, und das in einer der wichtigsten Bauwerke des Landes, Wawel Schloss.

Als ich in Krakau gewohnt habe, konnte ich vom Schlafzimmer und Wohnzimmer aus das Wawel Schloss sehen, diese Sicht habe ich im Oktober 2009 gemalt. Ich saß auf dem Fensterbrett des Wohnzimmers.

Je ne pouvais pas comprendre ce qui était dit ou chanté. Je n’en faisais pas partie. j’étais une étrangère. Mais les gens n’étaient pas là pour juger d’autres. Même si ma place n’était pas là, ça se sentait bien.

Nous étions partis de la maison quand il faisait encore nuit. L’aube commença que doucement à notre arrivé. Presque en retard, il n’avait plus de place, mais nous avons logés quand-même. Le froid était plus marquant à l’intérieur de l’église qu’à l’extérieur.

S. et moi, nous nous étions levés tôt pour assister à la 1ère messe du dimanche matin dans l’église du château du Wawel. C’était impressionnant de voir le nombre des personnes qui étaient venues pour y assister. Tout le monde portait leur meilleurs vêtements, beaucoup de femmes étaient en manteaux en fourrure. Je crois qu’il n’avait presque pas d’étrangers present, car ni les touristes ni les étudiants erasmus aiment se lever tôt, surtout le dimanche matin.

C’était très interessant de pourvoir observer les traditions et habitudes polonaises dans un tel lieu, un des bâtiments les plus importants de la Pologne, le Château du Wawel.

Pendant que j’habitais à Cracovie, la vue de la chambre et du salon donnait sur le Château du Wawel. Je l’ai paint, assise sur l’appui de la fenêtre du salon. en octobre 2009

Text and paining of Wawel Castle by, Text und Bild vom Wawel Schloss von, texte et painture du Château du Wawel par Solveig Werner