Advent Calendar 2016 | Overview

Advent Calendar 2016 | Overview

I hope that you had an amazing Christmas! And I do hope that you enjoyed reading the contributions to the 2nd edition of the Advent Calendar!

First of all I would like to thank all of the contributors, without you this project would not have been possible. Thank you to all of those who jumped in last minute to save the Calendar from having a gaping whole and to all of those who send in a second post “just in case” that I then published on the 4th Sunday of Advent.

It was amazing to everyones creativity blossom between the 1st Sunday of Advent and the 24th of December. And as I love motivating others, I think that I will probably come up with some sort of guest series for 2017, because Advent 2017 definitely is not around the corner. The Advent Calendar will definitely be back for it’s 3rd edition, after all it’s now a tradition!

In case you have missed some, here are all posts at a glance:

The Sundays of Advent:

1st Sunday of Advent:
The Tale of the Cursed Hat by Lucy Brazier

2nd Sunday of Advent | Day 4:
It’ll Be Lonely This Christmas – Please by Geoff Le Pard
Demented Christmas Memories and Furniture Polish by S.D. Gates

3rd Sunday of Advent | Day 11:
The Gift by Corina Carrasco
Bedazzled by Teresa Karlinski

4th Sunday of Advent | Day 18:
Christmas Lights by Willow Willers
Priceless Gifts from a Homeless Stranger By Russ Towne
Christmas, 24x7x365 by Trent McDonald
Cherished by Sarah Brentyn
Christmas Lights by Lucy Brazier

Advent Calendar:

Day 1: The Gift of Now by Tara Paray
Day 2: Home for the Holidays by Sarah Brentyn
Day 3: No Room at the Inn of the Seventh Happiness by Jemima Pett
Day 4: see 2nd Sunday of Advent

Day 5: The Dark Side of Christmas by Melanie Noell Bernard
Day 6: My First Taste of Christmas at McDonald’s in Geneva by Dr Gulara Vincent
Day 7: If only by Eric Klingenberg
Day 8: Franz and Helga and Their Just Rewards by Holly Geely
Day 9: Why He Came by Rachel Rawls
Day 10: ? – linking back to a post of the 1st edition of the calendar
Day 11: see 3rd Sunday of Advent

Day 12: Christmas Star by Sue Vincent
Day 13: No Star in All the Heavens by Russ Towne
Day 14: Gift of the Magi by Urszula Humienik
Day 15: What Christmas means to me by Judy Martin
Day 16: The Longest Day by Trent McDonald
Day 17: Unmasking Santa Claus by R.A. Kerr
Day 18: see 4th Sunday of Advent

Day 19: Once upon a time, in a dark wood by M.L.Kappa
Day 20: Christmas Spirit Rediscovered by D.E. Haggerty
Day 21: The Joy of Together by Deborah Bryan
Day 22: Christmas Dreams by Willow Willers
Day 23: A Magic Place by Solveig Werner
Day 24: Serena’s Bubble Snowman by Marjorie Mallon

If you have a lot of free time during the 12 days of Christmas (today is day 2) and feel like reading more Christmas stories, then please check out the 1st edition of the calendar!

Christmas 2016

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  1. It was a pleasure to see a daily post for a whole month, Solveig. I was too busy to participate but thank you for doing it again this year. I hope that your Christmas was lovely and that you are enjoying the season. Happy New Year!


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