Journal – J – A to Z Challenge 2019


Jessica opened her journal. Without reading the writing on the pages she flicked through to the first blank page.
Today, she didn’t want to write about what had happened in recent weeks. She wanted her creativity to kiss the page. She wanted the darkness of the past few weeks to evaporate.

“You are beautiful,” she jumped as she heard those words whispered from behind her. It was John. Oh my GOD, it was John!

Jessica crossed out the last line. And let herself be lead be by the pen.

Julia had hoped for John to utter a compliment, for weeks, if not months. Trying not to blush she slowly turned her head towards her crush.

She looked at the writing. This was better, but not quite what she was searching for. Jessica chucked the journal into a far corner of her room.



“Who is there?” Jessica asked, getting up from her bed to find the sneezer.

“Haaaatchi! You know where I am, you just chucked me into the dustiest corner that can be found on this planet” a papery voice replied.

To be continued.

Impatient – I – A to Z Challenge

He drums his fingers on the kitchen counter, impatiently waiting for the water to boil.

Impatient you moan about your car stuck in traffic.

With impatience, I check my post box in the morning. Where is that parcel?

As the time to midnight creeps closer, the more impatient we grow. We have been patient for months waiting for the new Harry Potter.

She is impatiently counting the days until the baby is due.

Impatient you stare at the clouds, you are longing for summer on this snowy day.

It is your impatience that keeps you going.

It is her impatience that keeps her from making it until the end.

Their impatience is making them quit.

When were you last impatient?