Hello, bonjour, hallo,

I am a Paris-based German teacher, who has a love for writing.

If you are interested in learning German in Paris or online with me, I would be happy to become your teacher.

Je suis une formatrice d’allemand habitant à Paris avec un amour prononcé pour l’écriture.

Si cela vous intéresse d’apprendre l’allemand avec moi à Paris ou en ligne, je serais ravie de vous accompagner dans votre apprentissage.

Ich bin eine in Paris lebende Deutschlehrerin, die eine große Liebe für das Schreiben empfindet.

Wenn Sie interessiert sind, würde es mich sehr freuen, Sie beim Deutschlernen zu begleiten und zu unterstützen. Dies kann in Paris in Person oder auch online geschehen.


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The secret of words

Writing has always been part of my life. There are still snippets of stories, that I wrote as a child.

In high-school, I wrote reviews about the plays that we were lucky to see in class. I was also fortunate (or the opposite thereof), to be in a class where we had to read, and critique many books.

My choice of a degree, was directly motivated, by wanting to write. I studied politics, with the goal to become a journalist. And looking back, I almost took every opportunity to put my thoughts into writing.

J’adore écrire. La magie de créer des mondes simplement en posant des mots sur une feuille, m’a fascinée depuis toujours.

J’ai quasiment toujours saisie chaque opportunité pour écrire. Au lycée, j’ai écrit sur des pièces de théâtre et ma classe de première faisait partie de celles chanceuses de faire partie du Prix Goncourt des Lycéens, donc il fallait écrire.

Mes études furent motivé par la passion pour l’écriture. Après tout 3 mémoires ne s’écrivent pas tout seules (licence, M1 et M2 recherche).

Ich liebe es zu schreiben. Dies fing schon früh an. Meine Mutter las mir die Bücher von Astrid Lindgren vor und erzählte mir, wie sie von einer Lektorin zu einer Autorin wurde. Ich konnte noch nicht schreiben, geschweige denn lesen, da meinte ich schon, dass ich später Lektorin oder sogar Autorin werden wollte.

Ich muss 14 gewesen sein, als ich entschied, dass ich Journalistin werden wollte. Von da an nutzte ich viele Möglichkeiten, um zu schreiben und entschied mich später, Politkwissenschaften zu studieren mit dem Zeil des Schreibens fest im Auge.

Where to find my lessons and my writing

A glimpse of my CV

Freelance German Trainer
(since march 2013)

German Teacher in a Masters Programme at the Franco-German Chamber of Commerce
(since October 2019)
I teach German to the Master Students in the Chargée de Development Franco-Allemand at the Franco-German Chamber of Commerce in Paris.

German Teacher, ISCOM, Paris
(2017 – 2018)

37 thoughts on “About

  1. Just beginning to discover your blog which looks lovely by the way! Best of luck with your blogging endeavours and looking forward to reading more! 🙂

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    1. Thank you Cheryl, I have been neglecting to write in other languages. Well I guess I write in English as I teach German and use it to talk with my daughter and parents and speak French with my fiancé and with people in my everyday life.

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        1. My daughter is growing up bilingual and binational (German and French), but she does get exposed to English every once in a while. She’ll be great at German grammar as I have her around a lot when I teach…

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  2. Wow amazing that you are fluent in three languages! My daughter is as well with English, spanish and Arabic! So nice to meet you! I am Lynn, mom of 9 who raised her kids in Saudi! Please stop by and visit me

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  3. Hi Solveig! Thank for following my blog. I love yours as well, will be visiting, since I also like languages, write short stories and have just finished a crime novel. Love your pictures, too.

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  4. Thank you for your blog…Just want to wish you the best in upcoming year of 2017, and Happy Holidays. Great success in your work….


  5. Thank you for stopping by A Couple Stars and a Happy Face and liking the post on my cooking disaster! You have a fantastic blog here. I’ve enjoyed all that I’ve discovered thus far!!


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