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The Seed We Did Not Sow

When we came back from our one week holiday in the South of France we were greeted by a surprise. Between our mint plants (we have tons of those don’t ask me why) there was a plant that we did not plant nor did we sow the seeds. A tomato plant had made its way out of the rich potting soil in our flower box. Tomatoes are easy to recognise, their distinctive smell gives them away.

Now we have not yet been back for a month, but the plant has grown and taken a place in our hearts. Majestically this tomato has outgrown all of the mints, we cut them regularly. If anyone wants mint let me know, we aren’t fans of mint at all and we have two flower boxes over growing with mint. It’s not peppermint nor the Moroccan variety… Back to the tomato, it’s now started to flower. By the looks of it we might be lucky and will be serving sun ripe tomatoes in the near future. Besides the flowers in bloom there are some more grapes of flowers sprouting here and there.

Tomato flowers

Until this day it still is a mystery to us how this plant made its way there. Did we put a tomato seed into the box without noticing? Was it in the soil? Is a bird responsible? In the end it’s not that important. But the mystery still lingers.

This spring I sowed some capucine seeds into another flower box. Not a single capucine has shown its presence. But the seeds that I picked off my mother’s dried flower heads are now in full bloom. A bell pepper plant that did not at all want to grow last year and that lived through the winter with 4 leaves is now proudly spotting a green pepper growing every day.

Bell Pepper and Flowers

Nature is strange.

I recall when about 20 years ago we planted dates and ended up with sunflowers instead. We eventually did get some nice date trees but that needed a whole lot of patience. Or when the avocado sitting over the water-glass would not sprout a root but the one in the soil would astound us with its growth.

This strange behaviour of plants reminds me of one thing in life, having kids. Like people wanting to become parents a gardener might try to make his or her flower dream come through but struggling years for a root to grow or a flower to bloom. Like a gardener future parents sometimes find themselves amazed by the news that without trying hard there is a child to come. Flowers and children they can amaze us.

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