Happy Mother’s Day – Fundraising

Celebrate your mom today!

I am thinking a lot about my mom lately. It was on the 10th of May three years ago, that she received the diagnosis. For her and us, her family and friends a world-altering diagnosis.

She had been diagnosed with cancer.

On that day we did not know the extent of the sickness.

Soon we found out that her cancer, caused by HPV was for one very rare and that it had spread to other organs. Both facts made the outlook for the future bleak. Her cancer, a vaginal carcinoma, a very rare cancer, and rarely diagnosed in women under the age of 65, meant that there were few tested and successful treatments for the medical staff to use. It had spread, also meant that there were little options left.

Still, we had hope. My mom turned into a fierce fighter. She wanted to get rid of the villain nestled inside her. She was sure that she would make it, that treatment would work. These beliefs were comforted by a dream she had that resonated with her, in her dream she heard that her soul’s time on this earth wasn’t up. She had read the book “Dying to be me” only weeks before her diagnosis. Thus she was certain miracles could happen.

Through good contacts, luck and negotiations she was accepted on a trial program for immunotherapy. Who knows, maybe if the treatments would have started earlier, she would be here today, to celebrate mother’s day with her grandchildren and daughters.

Toward the end of her life, my mother invested us with a mission.

She wants us to educate others on HPV. She wants us to use her art, her story to create awareness. She wants us to communicate on the HPV Vaccination. She wants us to raise funds to finance research. So that no one has to lose their life to preventable cancer. So that no one loses their mom prematurely. So that no one loses their daughter prematurely. So that no one loses their spouse prematurely. So that no one loses their sister, their cousin, their aunt, their grandmother, their friend prematurely due to a preventable disease.

Every year my dad organises a Charity bike ride. This year the NWC or Nicola Werner Challenge will go into its 4th edition. If you are keen on biking in France (start and finish in Paris) then hop over to the website and register. Registration fees are 100€ and you get a ton of goodies. Those paying taxes in France get a tax deduction too…

But maybe travelling to Paris for a bike ride, however, tempting isn’t your thing or it isn’t in your budget. Maybe you have a weakness for art and want to purchase one of my mom’s prints. You can do that and I will be happy to find out where you will be hanging it!

I truly understand if those two things aren’t for you. Therefore we are fundraising on the side. Anyone can create their own fundraiser for the Nicola Werner Association or they can participate in an existing one.

Thus today, on Mother’s day, I invite you to give a small (or big amount) to fund cancer research. My goal is to raise a total of 5000€. If all people following my blog )you are a little more than 600, but I think, seen the stats, you don’t all really come here all the time) were to give between 5 and 10 € then you would help me reach that goal in no time. And if you only have 1€ to give, then I will be grateful to you as much as to the person giving €1000, because every little bit helps.

I invite you to head over to my fundraiser, and thank you!

I really feel uncomfortable asking for money. But knowing that it isn’t for me but to support my mother’s last wish it is a lot easier.

Have a great mother’s day! If you have a mom, tell her how much you love her!

Find out more about the Nicola Werner Research Award.
Art against cancer (my mom’s project).
My mom’s last message, this video is in German, but it has subtitles.
NWC Paris – the carity’s homepage
My recent post about HPV.
And again the link to my fundraiser. Thank you so much for your support!

Oh you should continue reading the story…

Now or never

If I don’t write now, I might never have the courage to do so again.

I know that that is not true. But I haven’t published a blog post since the last contribution to the advent calendar went up.

That’s not good.

But I am not here to berate my absence of writing, or to provide my lovely readers with explanations (work, kids, family, writer’s block, no energy, feeling obliged to reply to comments and visit blogs when there is not enough time to do so… the list is long).

Today, I am here to write. My whole family is sleeping, if I am not mistaken everything that had to be done is done (writing those words the 5 copies of an exam I have to grade shoot to my head, oh no! Grading papers is not a fun thing (it can be when it is creative writing), especially when you have no idea what the student wrote about…

So, I have so many stories that want to ooze onto the pages. I have my life to share… Travels to tell you about, amazing places to visit, a new series in my head and so on. But for so long I had something blocking my path.

And writing is self-care for me! It’s more than a hobby, it’s a lifeline it’s where I am at home. It’s how I want to pay the rent!

Now enough of my ramblings. Now that’s off my heart and I shall hopefully jump right back into blogging where I left off shortly after my mother’s death…

Bye for now, but I will be back. And if you really miss me, you can always follow me on Instagram (even if you don’t miss me, follow me…)