The Seed We Did Not Sow

The Seed We Did Not Sow

When we came back from our one week holiday in the South of France we were greeted by a surprise. Between our mint plants (we have tons of those don’t ask me why) there was a plant that we did not plant nor did we sow the seeds. A tomato plant had made its way out of the rich potting soil in our flower box. Tomatoes are easy to recognise, their distinctive smell gives them away. Continue reading “The Seed We Did Not Sow”

Homegrown chilli peppers

These peppers were meant to be small. This is the 3rd year that we have grown our own peppers. Christmas 2012 we got some tiny peppers, but quite hot peppers in Germany and baptised them Piments de Iena as we did not know their name. We planted some seeds and were rewarded with many small peppers as the species (don’t know it’s real name) grows a … Continue reading Homegrown chilli peppers

Iles Flottantes – no I am not talking about dessert

Voilà, voilà! It’s time for another “Discovering Paris” post. This time it’s again about a new park or garden in Paris. I want to tell you about the Promenade des Berges de la Seine, or more precisely about the Iles Flottantes (floating islands that are located there). In 2013 parts of the Parisian quays were converted into a nice Promenade. Something, that used to be a road … Continue reading Iles Flottantes – no I am not talking about dessert