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As you probably know by now, I hosted a multi-contributor advent calendar in December 2015. There are many things I learnt while playing hostess, and one of them was how to find my way around twitter. I joined twitter in September, just before my first guest appearance and after a blogger had asked me where I can be found on social media. In the world of blogging being on at least one time consuming social media platform seems to be a must.

So here are some of my twitter tips. 

Link your account to tweet deck that way you can schedule your tweets, and save a lot of time. It is a service provided by twitter. I learnt this the hard way, meaning that I only signed up once the advent calendar had come to its end, it was a lot more work than it should have been. I now use it to schedule tweets of those long forgotten and unread posts too.

Share your content automatically to twitter and link your blog to your twitter, so that you get notified when your posts are shared. The truth be told, many people prefer sharing your stuff on twitter if your blog is linked to twitter. That way you can easily retweet things when you are mentioned.

When you read something and you enjoy it, why not share it on twitter. Is there a suitable hashtag you can add or two? If you find a good read through twitter, well then retweet that tweet. I always read everywhere that the power of twitter lies within the retweet. So go on retweet the tweets you like!

Use hashtags, I spend a long time trying to find good hashtags to use. But I will briefly talk about the two types that I have come across. There are the hashtags that indicate the type of content you are talking about, and there are hashtags that are used on specific days of the week.

If you are a blogger, and your post is about a certain topic, just try adding a hashtag before the topic.
Here are some that I use, used recently, or might use:
#travel #travelblogger
the limit really is your imagination, just ask yourself what is the topic, what are the topics of the link that I am sharing?

Then there are the hashtag parties that mostly take place on a certain day, of the week, that I have made use of:
#MondayBlogs – by Rachel Thompson, the rules are here
#TuesdayBookBlog – owned by Rosie Amber, you can find the rules here
#wwwblogs (wednesday women writer blogs)
#BeWoW (Be Wonderful on a Wednesday) with Ronovan Writes
#LinkYourLife (on Fridays) with Shareen Mansfield, the guidelines are here
#ArchiveDay (posts from the archives, on Saturdays) it belongs to Vicky Charles of Single Mother Ahoy, you can find the guidelines here.
#SundayBlogShare (this must be the favourite hashtag for bloggers) it’s by Suzie81 speaks, and has rules too.

Now there are many more hashtag events out there, these are just the ones that I have so far participated in.

Then there are other events which use hashtags, such as #weekendcoffeeshare or #blogbattle but they come with a certain post format and cannot be used for sharing everything.

Another thing I discovered in December was @FemaleBloggerRT (thanks to a post by Suzie81 speaks) if you include the handle in your tweet you are likely to be retweeted to a great amount of twitters. There are various retweeting accounts, and I have read and seen that you can ask someone with a huge following if they might retweet something for you. Just try it by including please retweet or please RT with the handle of said person. I have not tried that yet, but maybe one day.

That’s it for now. Happy twittering!

My post has been inspired by various twitter related posts, which have often underlined what to pay attention to. Sadly, as I read most of them before I was on twitter, I never kept the links as they would be great resources for everyone.

What are your favourite hashtags? How do you twitter? What advice do you have for others?

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