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2015 and 2016

Happy New Year!

May 2016 be a great year for you, filled with joy, success, love, health, and anything you might wish for!

As January is a month named after the god Janus, the god of beginnings and transitions, who looks into the future and the past (he’s got two faces…), I want to reflect a tiny bit on 2015. After all it did start putting up quarterly reports, you can find the last one here. This time around I won’t talk about my work performance, just because I have not done my accounting yet, and I would go on moaning that one of my professional clients has not payed me, the payment was due on the 31st of October…

Blog Performance from October 1st till December 31st 2015

October had a total of 689 views and I published 13 posts

In November I participated in Nanopoblano, thus I posted every day of the month (30 posts in total). Suddenly in November my stats exploded, with a total of 1 701 views for the month. That was close to one thousand views more than my best month so far, September with 715 views. In November I had the chance to be a guest on Gulara’s blog (if you have not read it, maybe now is the time), and something made me feel that this has helped fuel my blog’s success.

Then in December I hosted the Advent Calendar with 21 guests, and ended the year with another guest post yesterday, the inaugural post to my new series Discovering Traditions (if you want to share a tradition, then let me know). In December 31 posts were published, of which 22 were written by guests. And December went just crazy in terms of views, the month finished with 2 188 views… Thank you for visiting 🙂

Blog over the year (since it’s beginning 12 of March 2015)

Map 2015

Most of the visitors to my blog in 2015 came from the USA, the country I live in (France) only came 4th, and the one I am from (Germany) came 3rd, as the UK took the 2nd place.

My blog had a total of 8 562 views and a total of 2 219 unique visitors.

The top ten posts this year were:

  1. My Heart is Aching – which I wrote in the morning following the terrorist attack in Paris
  2. If we were having coffee – 11 July 2015
  3. Advent Calendar Day 2: My First Christmas at the Age of 31 by Dr Gulara Vincent – a beautiful guest post, the opening one of the advent calendar
  4. My first A to Z Challenge – Reflections Post – I was 7th or so on the linkup, and a bit overwhelmed with all of the comments I received, did not follow a good blogging etiquette back then…
  5. Advent Calendar Day 15: Christmas: The Perfect Excuse For A Fight? by Lucy Brazier – another guest post for the advent calendar, which made many people laugh
  6. 10 reasons why writing in a notebook is great – a list post (it’s a tie with number 5)
  7. A Beautiful Sunday – a post in which I tied to capture the beauty all around after the attack in Paris
  8. Advent Calendar Day 20: One Tradition After Another by Kerry K – another guest post from the advent calendar, very close to the end of the year.
  9. If we were having coffee – 10 October 2015, which ties with:
  10. Advent Calendar Day 7: A Christmas Kodak Moment By Tara Paray – another guest post from the advent calendar

Currently I have posted every day since the 29th of October, which makes today the 65th day in a row 🙂 Let’s see for how much longer I can keep it up.

Now it’s time for thanks, the annual report answered one major question the stats page does not reveal, who commented the most on here?

Thank you for your lovely comments, cheering and support!

Yes, I am a stats nerd, and that when I actually managed to fail my exam in statistics in my first year at University…

Happy New Year!

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