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Who am I?

I am
a woman, a writer, a mother, a lover
a daughter, a sister, a friend
a blogger, a grandchild, a girl, a smileran optimist, a kid
a researcher, a German, a thinker
a dreamer, a doer
a looser, a winner
a grownup
a political scientist, a Parisian
an expat, a cousin, a neighbour
a teacher, an immigrant
a voice
tall, young, learning, lost, trilingual
blonde, older, eclectic
a parent, a fan, a person
lazy, short-sighted
a female, a European
an adult
doubting, trusting
a reader, a buyer, a listener, a talker, an adventurer
a tutor, a helper, a Master Degree holder
a freelance professional, a political scientist
loving, supporting
an optimist
an entrepreneur, a traveller
constantly striving to figure out who I am

I am Solveig

I was
a vegetarian
a baby, a school kid, an intern
a DJ, a radio host
a waitress, a violin student, a high school teacher
an actress
a middle school volleyballer
longing for Harry Potter to be true
a great-granddaughter
a babysitter, a CD collector
a white blonde
a concert goer

I am Solveig and I am human

Picture of Solveig

I want to print business cards this week, and started to wonder if I should include a professional title or not, then the above started flooding my brain.

I always struggle to pinpoint exactly who I am. Can I only define myself through my profession, my family, or my highest degree? I have the feeling people too often get defined by their profession, but there might be something underneath that will define them a lot more than what they currently do as a job. I also think that we are always changing, learning and evolving.

The picture that I have included with this post is there to give you, my reader an image of me. It was taken by my dad in December.

Who are you?

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