Post A to Z Road Trip

Yesterday, I signed up for the Post A-to-Z Road Trip, on the A to Z Challenge page (thanks for the image included in this post) so in a way this post should have gone up then (I am writing this yesterday, HA!) and this very post is taking the slot of another one…

I am once again at the top of the signup list 🙂 not so far up as I was for the reflections, where I am 7th, here I am 14th (14=2×7). As I do not have a page or a list regrouping all of my A to Z posts, this one is dedicated to that purpose, after all it is not great to scroll through 20 something posts.

What have I done? (in English, German and French) | A is for my Autobiography (in English, German and French) | B is for Bee (in English and German) | C is for Chatwin | D is for Door – a short story | E is for Emerald – a short story | F is for Friendship | G is for Girl H is for Home | I is for Idioms | J is for Jump – a short story | K is for Kakadu (in German with English “subtitles”) | L is for Leaving – a short story (read this before R) | M is for Mistakes | N is for Nothing | O is for Oma | P is for Penguin – a short story | Q is for Questions | R is for Rose – a short story (read L first) | S is for Snake – a short story | T is for Time – a short story | U ist für Unterkunft – eine Kurzgeschichte (a short story in German) | V is for Vanilla | W is for Wawel Castle (in English, German and French) | X is for Xenophobia | Y is for Yawn | Z is for Zookeeper – a short story | My first A to Z Challenge – Reflections Post 

Have fun with the Road Trip, Solveig

My first A to Z Challenge – Reflections Post

April is over, 30 days that went by in a flash!

There is more than one reason for that: April was a beautiful month, we had summer weather most of the time. | During April I worked quite a bit more than in the previous months. | And of course there was the A to Z Challenge

I had so much fun with the A to Z Challenge, I signed up when my blog was not even two weeks old. Before I did sign up, I made sure that I would have some things to write about, because I did not want to commit and then give up in the process. It was like signing a contractual agreement. I managed to put up a post for each letter of the alphabet, and on the correct day, but some posts exceed my self set limit of 250 words (but this was sometimes necessary).

I think that I visited a lot of blogs, but I should have done more, but I have had a busier month than usual, and well a great family to spend time with too. Thus in May I will continue browsing through the A to Z blogs, who knows I might find some great hidden gems.

It wasn’t always easy to come up with a word and a good post, but seen your feedback, I do guess that I did quite well most of the time. The funny thing is some of the best posts were actually the ones I struggled most with (the inspiration wasn’t there, or the writing flow didn’t start), and then ended up writing in the half and hour between doing the dishes and cooking dinner, (I tried to have my posts ready a day in advance where possible, as I hate doing things like that last minute).

What did I get out of A to Z?

  • The discovery of some amazing writers and bloggers.
  • I have discovered that I can write, at least that’s what the positive and encouraging feedback shows me.
  • I have some great projects for the future, some stories that started in April are begging to be continued, and why not start writing a novel?
  • I have gained in confidence in my capacity to write and to be creative
  • Writing during the whole month of April has done a lot of good.
  • I have established a great blogging community!
  • Now I can proudly display my A to Z survivor badge in the sidebar 🙂

Thank you all for reading, liking, commenting, following, recommending my blog! Thank you to the hosts of A to Z for making this possible! And providing all of the A to Z related badges.

How have you enjoyed A to Z? Did you participate? What were your hardest letters to cope with? Which of my A to Z posts is your favourite? Are there other challenges that are worth joining?

If you haven’t done so yet, have a look at my A to Z posts.

Written by Solveig Werner