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Advent Calendar 2016

Day 7 | Advent Calendar

If only by Eric Klingenberg

If only

If only Christmas was less about producing the perfect day and more about relaxing and being yourself.

If only Christmas was less about giving and receiving things and more about giving time.

If only Christmas were less about a baby born 2000 years ago, and more about helping others now. 

If only Christmas was less about competing with your neighbours to who can have the most garish decoration and more about helping your neighbour.

If only Christmas was less about excessive eating and drinking and more about, oh no hang on I quiet like that bit.

Author Bio:

Eric is a wanabe author still having to earn a living as teacher. He lives in Devon with his wife, two step sons dog and cat, oh I think they might own a couple of fish, but he doesn’t like those.

If you want to read him moaning about other subjects, obsessing about Harry Potter and occasionally talking about his book you can find his blog at https://erick79.wordpress.com/