A Magic Place | Day 23 | Advent Calendar 2016

Advent Calendar 2016

Day 23 | Advent Calendar

A Magic Place

Last night, I was woken by the whispering sound of various voices. Curiosity paired with the need to go to the bathroom pushed me out of bed.

As I tiptoed into the living room I could not trust my eyes and definitely not my ears. What I saw and heard was just magic.

imageThere was a little angel playing the violin joined by the song of a bird. A frog king had his nutcracker soldier report if everything was in order within his kingdom, the land of the Christmas Tree. From what I heard, they were, the golden apple was still intact, the crocodile had not tried to eat the sleeping baby, but then again with his mouth shut with a bow, this would have been tough.

I watched in awe how Hedwig, yes, the snow owl, delivered letters to a little gnome hidden in the branches.

Wanting to see more I crept closer, but the creaking floorboards gave me away! The parrot, croaked “HUMAN APPROACHING!” and all went quiet.

Maybe tonight they won’t hear me and I will be able to see what dealings brown bears and penguins engage in. And I am definitely curious to find out the contents of the magician’s trunk…

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