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Advent Calendar 2016

4th Sunday of Advent | Day 18 | Advent Calendar

Today is a special day for this Advent Calendar, instead of having two guests the calendar will be home to many contributions, by contributors who have been part of this year’s calendar or will be part of it in the coming week.

Christmas, 24x7x365 by Trent McDonald

Once again

It’s that time of year

When on every lip

Is “Be of good cheer!”

We say peace on Earth

And to all good will

With high spirits

Our hearts do fill

But why can’t we do this

All year round?

Why only at Christmas

Do these feeling abound?

For every day

We should do what we can

To help every woman,

Child and man

Every effort should go

To make Earth more like heaven

By acting with compassion

Twenty Four by Seven

So start today

To help all alive

And hold out a hand

On all Three Sixty Five

Trent contributed to the Advent Calendar on Day 16, you might want to check out his memory rich story “The Longest Day“, and he was also a guest for the inaugural edition of last year with “The Christmas Storm“. You can find his blog here.