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Advent Calendar 2016

4th Sunday of Advent | Day 18 | Advent Calendar

Today is a special day for this Advent Calendar, instead of having two guests the calendar will be home to many contributions, by contributors who have been part of this year’s calendar or will be part of it in the coming week.

Cherished by Sarah Brentyn

Soft fur. Pristine caramel-colored puppy.

Black button eyes, fluffy paws, perfectly embroidered mouth. Lifted from a shiny red box with silver snowflakes. New. Untouched. Unloved.

Matted fur. Dingy dark brown dog. 

Thread, like cotton scars, keeps arms and legs and ears attached. Small bits of stuffing oozes out seams not sewn tightly enough. Tucked into the crook of a tiny arm. Old. Snuggled. Loved.

Patchy fur. Filthy coal-colored animal.

Loose thread dangles, ears and one arm gone. Bald spots show linen on legs and nose—tufts of grimy fuzz cling to the tail. Left in a dark corner of the closet. Old. Untouched. Unloved.

Dusty nostalgia.

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