Poetic Images

seashells in waterEven though our trip to Normandy this September was very short in days, we arrived a Monday and left a Wednesday after all, we definitely managed to make the most of our trip.

In the morning before heading home, we purchased a lot of fish and headed for a walk along the seaside. It was low tide again, but the changes from one day to the next were remarkable. By the sea every day is unique. Of course every day is unique everywhere, just by the sea we realise this a lot easier. Continue reading “Poetic Images”


A walk on Omaha Beach

Omaha Beach, peace, rocksA week after Veteran’s Day, it is suitable to write about the D-Day landings. A few days after the Paris attacks it is too, because the soldiers who lost their lives in Normandy in June 1944 did so to bring safety, peace, freedom, and civil liberties back to continental Europe, something that we must not forget today.

When we travelled to Normandy this September, S. little one and I did not only hunt for beautiful Seashells, we also took a dive into the local history. We did not visit the Tapestry of Bayeux, that will happen next time… We made sure to visit Omaha Beach. Continue reading “A walk on Omaha Beach”

Arriving in Normandy

Château du Bosq
The Château du Bosq in Commes, Normandy

In September I took a break from my blog, writing, and reading. I made sure to spend some quality time with my small family. We actually went on our first ever holiday, just the three of us. Before we had been in the South of France, but stayed with my in-laws, this time was different. There were no friends or family that accompanied us for our trip.

ferme du Bosq
Ferme du Bosq – here we stayed

Monday the 21st, we packed my parent’s car and made our way to Normandy. As we took the Autoroute, the time spend on the road was short. Little one, who had already spend the weekend traveling and partying (as she and I had traveled to Germany to celebrate the first day of school with my cousin), did not want to go to sleep at all. Like all kids seem to do, she finally fell asleep about half an hour before we arrived. Google maps send us through some country backroads that didn’t see right, but we finally made it, and within the time frame we had agreed upon with our host.

sun and rain having a big fight

Our trip had been planned almost last minute, and not wanting to spend a fortune we looked at all the options. My parents had recommended an apartment they like to rent for their stays in Normandy. After some searching around, and looking at rather expensive tiny hotel rooms we decided that an apartment would be best. That way we would be able to make our own food, and being dependent on very expensive restaurants when traveling with a toddler was not our ideal vacation.

What I found was a gorgeous studio, at a good price, rented via Airbnb. I compared various apartments, but definitely made sure that it was a family friendly place and that the comments of the other users were positive. Even though there was wifi, we very rarely made use of it, instead we watched some really interdocumentaries on Arte.

From the window of our apartment we had a nice view onto other traditional Normandy buildings and a gorgeous castle, Château du Bosq. During our stay in Commes, we went on one little walk around the village (not really a village) but were quickly back in our apartment, as the sun that had lured us outside had quickly been washed away by a massive downpour of rain. We were soaked to the bone. This was when little one discovered the joys of having a hood attached to her jacket.

chateau du boss

A little more on airbnb:
A thing that I really appreciated about airbnb was that I had other peoples reviews to check out in order to make my choice. It turns out that after my trip I was sent an email inviting me to leave a review in the next 14 days and that my host would do so too. Once both have left a review you can see what the other wrote. So hosts and guests better behave well!
If you are interested in booking via airbnb they have a great and easy affiliates programme for everyone. If you have not signed up for airbnb and are interested in having a discount for your first trip, then let me know so that I can send you a link, and we both get 18€ off our next trip (it varies in function of currency). 

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