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Oh what a horrible thing Xenophobia! According to wikipedia,

Xenophobia is the unreasonable fear of what is perceived to be foreign or strange.

Even in our, now, very advanced and open mind-set, xenophobia still exists. People who move to a foreign country or even visit one can at times be confronted with it, and that is never fun and it can HURT a lot. Sometimes people get prejudged and filed away in a mental drawer upon their foreign looks and they are not form the place attributed to them…

When I was about 13 living in the U.S., a boy in my middle school called me a “Nazi”, that really hurt, because words can hurt. I was not /am not the type of person normally jumping up to defend myself, but that made me really mad, I recall sprinting after him to make him take it back.

When I left home to go to university, I was really proud of my international background. I was not confronted with xenophobia, but someone told me that I should be careful who I told that I was German, lived in France before coming to the UK and well not talk to much to certain people as I had an American accent (I lost that one really quickly once in England). Well, in the end, it never was a problem, I was generally appreciated the way I was.

Have you ever been a victim or witness of xenophobia? What did you do about it?

Written by Solveig Werner