Post A to Z Road Trip

Yesterday, I signed up for the Post A-to-Z Road Trip, on the A to Z Challenge page (thanks for the image included in this post) so in a way this post should have gone up then (I am writing this yesterday, HA!) and this very post is taking the slot of another one…

I am once again at the top of the signup list 🙂 not so far up as I was for the reflections, where I am 7th, here I am 14th (14=2×7). As I do not have a page or a list regrouping all of my A to Z posts, this one is dedicated to that purpose, after all it is not great to scroll through 20 something posts.

What have I done? (in English, German and French) | A is for my Autobiography (in English, German and French) | B is for Bee (in English and German) | C is for Chatwin | D is for Door – a short story | E is for Emerald – a short story | F is for Friendship | G is for Girl H is for Home | I is for Idioms | J is for Jump – a short story | K is for Kakadu (in German with English “subtitles”) | L is for Leaving – a short story (read this before R) | M is for Mistakes | N is for Nothing | O is for Oma | P is for Penguin – a short story | Q is for Questions | R is for Rose – a short story (read L first) | S is for Snake – a short story | T is for Time – a short story | U ist für Unterkunft – eine Kurzgeschichte (a short story in German) | V is for Vanilla | W is for Wawel Castle (in English, German and French) | X is for Xenophobia | Y is for Yawn | Z is for Zookeeper – a short story | My first A to Z Challenge – Reflections Post 

Have fun with the Road Trip, Solveig

5 thoughts on “Post A to Z Road Trip

    1. It went up yesterday, and there is no obligation to do a post (which had to be done for the reflections). But the A to Z page explains how the road trip works.

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