Y is for Yawn – A to Z Challenge 2015

“Yawning is contagious, others will automatically join in”, this might not be the exact quote, but I remember reading about yawning with my ESL (English as a second language) teacher in middle school. She always made me read strange texts to provide me with diverse vocabulary. I recall a few of them.

One day we read the said text on yawning, we had a lot of fun with it an laughed a lot. The text ended with a task, we were meant to say the word “yawn” out loud five times and see what happens, we even said it in German, I don’t think that this made us yawn.

Other texts we read were about snakes taking over a house in Mississippi and about a woman wanting to order turtle soup in Mexico and being laughed at as she had ordered horse sh**…

My ESL teacher was a lovely lady, the one on one lessons we had together made me quickly and with ease master the English language. She tortured me with book reports, each book I read I had to write a report on, well I don’t think I did one for every book (I was too much of a bookworm), at one point I was the ESL student with the most reports up (they were written on big cards which she displayed in her classroom).

I am grateful that she pushed me to write so much, maybe she’s in it for something that I do write now. She definitely taught me that it is important to ask questions, and I realise just now (while writing this) that has been a base for my own teaching methods.

© Solveig Werner 2015. All rights reserved.

13 thoughts on “Y is for Yawn – A to Z Challenge 2015

    1. Thank you!
      I was definitely lucky, looking back I did have many amazing teachers, thus I often do not understand when people talk badly about the profession…

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  1. Awesome post!! I did “Yawn” for “Y” as well, but took a completely different approach. It is very strange how once one person starts, the whole room starts up! My husband frequently is telling me to stop yawning, typically as he is mid-yawn 🙂

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