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ding, ding, ding the old pocket watch chimed thirteen minutes past twelve.

He threw his papers and books into his backpack, today was not a day to arrive late. The recent death of his beloved grandfather and the profound sadness that came with it was not going to count as an excuse.

Running through the door he thought of his grandfather.

Years ago, when he was still a young boy he played with the old man’s golden pocket watch, a minute repeater.

One day he asked, “Grandfather, if you die one day, can I have this watch as a present when you die?”, a question, which ashamed him for many years.

The old man took it lightly and replied with a warm smile  “my dear boy, yes your name has already been put down in my will for that watch, after all I received it from my grandfather. But please, do not play with your mind being absent, not only is it a fragile mechanism, this watch is magic! It can pause time.”

In his childhood he had hoped this to be true, but now his years of research on the subject had convinced him that this could not be true.

Now was not the moment to think of the past, he was late.

Panting, running up the stairs he stopped in his tracks, there was something wrong.

It felt like as if time was standing still.

Written by Solveig Werner