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If we were having coffee, then we would be having tea (there are many varieties to choose from). Or you could have some water or milk or even soy milk.

If we were having our weekend drinks then I would ask you if you wanted some vanilla ice cream with that, maybe with some pecans? You might know that I have a love for Vanilla, which pushed me to read and review an amazing book.

If we were having coffee, then you might be asking how I have been, which is understandable seen my blogging silence and the last post I put up. I am shingles free now, my skin is still of a different shade where the rash was, and I am lucky the pain is mostly gone. It does hurt at times when I don’t drink enough water. So my advice for anyone having shingles is: drink a lot of water! Hydration is the key to avoid horrible pain. Little one’s chickenpox appeared two weeks ago, now her scars are all healing.

We just enjoyed a beautiful morning, with sun, sunscreen (I have the lightest skin ever, and my daughter is almost transparent…), and sun glasses (got to protect those blue eyes, luckily they aren’t light blue). Now that I am in the comfort of my home a thunderstorm has started to brew. There is already a drizzle, and rolling thunder but I haven’t seen flashes of lightning so far. Little one is sleeping, something that she did not do yesterday, thus today it was more than easy.

Last weekend, I saw a friend who used to live on the same floor (and as I cannot help speaking to strangers I sometimes make friends) but currently lives in New York, her boyfriend lives in the street parallel to mine so she’s in Paris from time to time.


If we were having coffee, then I would proudly show you our orchids. S brought them home from work, as orchids often serve as living bouquets. We have been pampering them massively and now the have been making roots and leaves for some time and maybe one of them is going to give us flowers, something is growing out of it that does not look like a root. Yesterday and today I did make sure that they could take a good sunbath, which means they sit on the kitchen sink.


OrchidIf we were having tea and ice cream then I’d tell you that I have been enjoying work a lot lately. Having regular clients and finishing a good month does help. Tomorrow I am teaching my first ever lesson via skype! So far I either go to my students or they come here. So this will be a great new step forward. If you know anyone looking for German lessons, then do send them my way 🙂

I would tell you that we’ll be on holidays for a little while in June, travelling back down south, just like last year, I am sure that there will be some great adventures waiting for us that I will be able to share with you once we’ll be back.

Sorry for that small interruption, but little one was in need for snuggles to continue her nap.

I will leave you now to enjoy your weekend. Have fun catching up with some other bloggers with a cup of coffee (or tea). For more information head over to Diana’s blog Part-Time Monster there you will be able to find her post and the linkup to find the other posts and include your own.

Have a good weekend! Go put your nose into some roses!

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