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The Scent of Roses

When my parents got married almost 24 years ago my mom had a beautiful bridal bouquet. The roses were vivid in colour, red, pink, yellow. The colours were strong, not the faint pastel tones one is used to for weddings. My mother was not wearing white either, she wore a black dress with a light pink blazer.

RoseAnd how they smelled these roses, they were real roses! Their scent was that of garden roses and not that of most commercially grown roses.

When I was a little girl, the scent of roses often lingered in the air. Sometimes it was a fresh bouquet on the table that gave off the lovely smell, but my memory mostly goes back to a certain street, where the sweet odour of the flower contemplated by Juliet could be smelled. In that street, the local florist grew their own roses. A field of summer roses does smell heavenly! It was there that my parents purchased the roses for their wedding.

Today, I put my nose into a light pink rose and took a vitalizing breath. It smelled just like those roses of my early childhood. I was reminded of my mother and of her love for fresh roses. I smiled. This rose growing in a public promenade close to my home was a real garden rose.


This post is my contribution to this week’s #weeklysmile, kindly hosted by Trent.

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