If we were having coffee on this first Sunday of April 2019

If we were having coffee on this first Sunday of April, then I’d as usually make you a cup of tea.

If we were having coffee, I would ask you how you are doing. So how are you? I’d make sure that you’ll tell me about your worries, your projects and dreams.

If we were having coffee, I’ tell you that I am excited that I’ll see Michelle Obama soon! Because she is coming to Paris and my dad gave me a ticket! I received her book for Christmas and reviewed it soon after I read it.

If we were having coffee, then we might go outside for a little walk. Have I told you that I live about 10/15 minutes (on foot) from the Arc de Triomphe? I am searching for a bigger apartment, as we currently live in a very small one, so this might and will probably change.

If we were having coffee, there would probably be a mention of the A to Z challenge. I am participating after a two-year break, and I haven’t had the time to visit much, but getting back into a writing/blogging mood and mode has been great. I am a bit annoyed that grammarly isn’t working correctly before I could correct typos as I went along, now it takes an extra effort… Are you participating in the A to Z Challenge? Four years ago, the challenge lead me to find the Weekend Coffe Share and with both I found some great friends and bloggers.

On this first Sunday of April, I’d also take a moment to talk to you about the Nicola Werner Research Award (a proper post is on my to-do list). Every year my dad organises a bicycle ride in memory of my mom, the Nicola Werner Challenge. This year we are also doing fundraising on the side, for those who cannot make it, cannot take up the challenge. I have set the goal of raising 5 000€, if all of my followers were to donate 10€ then that goal would be reached in no time! If you want to help me raise some money to fund cancer research, I invite you to come directly to the page of my fund-raiser. The proceeds of the bike ride, fundraising and selling of original copies of my mom’s art will go towards the Nicola Werner Research Award, given to two researchers working on virology and cancer. Until I do dedicate a proper post (two posts) to HPV and the fundraising, check out the challenge’s website for more information on the project.

If we were having coffee, I’d check my phone (as my watch is currently in reparation) and realise that I have to leave and pick up my daughter, who is currently enjoying a birthday party.

Check out the other coffee shares and join in the fun yourself. More information on Eclectic Ally’s blog.

Enjoy the end of the weekend!

Solveig xx

If we were having coffee (on the 4th of November 2018)

If we were having coffee today, then you’d tell me that I don’t look fresh. I’d reassure you and tell you that I am a whole lot better. But I have been sick for over a week, therefore I did not have you over for coffee last week. You’d probably ask me what I have, and I’d raise my shoulders to just let them drop again, I have all symptoms of the flu, except for joint-pain.

If we were having coffee, then we’d be sipping hot ginger with honey and lemon. It helps a lot to make things more bearable. I’d incite you to make most of the weather. The sky is blue and it looks like a good photography light!

Today is the last day of the school holidays (S had a little over a week off), we stayed in Paris and went on some day trips. One was just to Notre Dame and the Marais, the other was to Versailles (I started feeling sick when we came home from there). Those two days were a lot of fun and food for the eyes.  Continue reading “If we were having coffee (on the 4th of November 2018)”