Dear Blog

Paris, 15th March 2016

Dear Blog,

A year has passed since I wrote my very first post. Actually more than a year has passed, as the first one of my posts, a letter to my potential readers went live on the 12th of March 2015. I recall writing this very first post called “Intro”, I was like today not sure what I wanted to write about. Something needed to feel the void that can be found on a new blog. The post was quickly written, and promised a bit more than I have let you serve to my readers. The multi lingual part has quickly become a rare feature, and I have probably never written about food, I guess I don’t cook enough, nor do I go to enough restaurants… I went on about how I would organise things in categories, well I have tried to be organised. Some categories have come and gone over time.

Magnolia Palais Royal Little did I know when I wrote that very first post that I would have regular readers, that I would participate in the A to Z Challenge only a few weeks later, that I would love to share coffees on a regular basis as a non coffee drinker. Nor did I know when I hit publish for that very first post, that I would be the host to a multi-contributor advent calendar, or that I would start a guest post series in which guests are asked to share their traditions (the most recent instalment can be found here).

You, my dear blog helped me discover or rediscover? my passion for writing short stories, creating worlds and connecting with other writers/bloggers and my readers. Thanks t this space on the internet that you are, I have gained confidence in my creativity. I had no idea what guest posts were and well was overwhelmed that I could do a few.

When I look at your stats, I can tell how well I was doing. End of May 2015 I suddenly grew quiet, an absence that lasted for three weeks. I had received the news of my mother’s diagnosis, that paired with traveling to the South of France. And then in January, my posting grew scarcer, treatments had stopped for my mother. February only saw 7 posts, and then my last post was published on the 1st of March. Today, my mother’s passing away lays exactly 3 weeks in the past. Once more I want to break the silence and continue creating on and off this blog. I want to continue growing this blog and I want to write a book.

Now, it is time to start into the second year of blogging. To continue growing. I have projects for you my dearest blog. Discovering Traditions will hopefully continue, even if I have no one for Saint Patrick’s day, just yet, I have to start working on my A to Z Challenge posts, catch up on other blogs. But for now my toddler battling her cold as well as the beautiful weather call for attention.


24 thoughts on “Dear Blog

  1. Happy Anniversary, dear Solveig. My we see a lot more to f your posts. And btw, I sent you a message about the Discovering Traditions post you so kindly asked me to do – don’t know if you’ve seen it. Unfortunately, it’s not about St.Patrick’s day, since we don’t celebrate that in Greece 🙂


    1. Thank you! I finally took the little moment to reread your email and to send you a short reply. I would definitely love to have you as my guest. After all I am quite curious to find out more about traditions from everywhere in the world.


  2. Congratulations on one year of posting! I appreciate reading your posts, and the guest posts series you’ve created are so fun and interesting! Keep creating and sharing 🙂

    p.s. is your photo of the pink flower from the Palais Royale gardens??


    1. Thank you Anne! Positive feedback regarding my guest series is so motivating to continue, and to ask more people to join in. If you ever come up with a tradition you might want to share, well then just let me know.
      Oh and yes, it was taken in the Palais Royale 🙂

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      1. I thought it looked familiar! I was there around this time last year as well 🙂 I love this time of year when all the flowers begin to bud and bloom!


  3. Congratulations and happy blog birthday! I do hope you keep up the good work as I do love to pop by read your wonderful postings every now and then. Marvellous!


  4. Happy blog anniversary! I’ve missed seeing you around, but I understand 100% why you had to drop out for a while. I’m sure it won’t be easy coming back to normal after something like that, but then again, maybe writing more can help you heal. I looking forward to seeing more of your writing!


    1. Thank you Trent. I am sure that once I get going I will start writing regularly again. I have at times had a little look around your blog, because it is always a good way to find a smile 🙂

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  5. I’m sorry for your loss, Solveig. I understand why you had to take a break, but I’m happy to see you’re back, and I look forward to A to Z !


  6. Happy blog anniversary, Solveig. I’m glad to be part of your journey. Again I am so sorry about your mom and I hope you are finding peace within the memories you have of her. I’m looking forward to reading you every day in April. Do not worry, I’m not totally ready yet. Best to you.


    1. Thank you Evelyne. As we were able to spend a lot of time together in her last few weeks, I do think that we were able to say goodbye properly. I am still trying to figure out what theme to write about, maybe I should put up a poll…


  7. You have much to celebrate and to be proud of accomplishing… Happy Blog Anniversary. I’m also sorry for your loss. The loss of my mother and the trauma that I experienced is what started me writing. You might discover feelings and memories that deserve to be shared. Take care of yourself!


    1. Thank you Gwynn. I have since the beginning of this blog been sharing a lot of childhood memories, many including my mom, and the earliest stories I posted even proceeded her diagnosis, so in a way I already started sharing some nice memories.


  8. Dear Solveig, I’m relieved and rejoiced to ‘hear’ your voice again. Your quiet kind voice has found its way into my heart from our first connection back in June 2015. I’m so glad you are back writing. In fact, I’m delighted! And when I read ‘I want to write a book’ I had so many goose bumps. ‘Yes, go Solveig!’
    Last but not least I was reflecting today whether you’d want my post on Spring equinox. I didn’t want to be disrespectful by sending it, but since you are continuing with traditions, I’ll make it a priority and write up tomorrow in time to be published next Monday. With much love, Gulara xx


    1. Dear Gulara, thank you so much for your comment. I was actually going to send you a message to ask you if you were still willing to share your tradition, but by the looks of it I did not have to worry.
      I want to write that book of mine, but for that I have to get the creative juices flowing once again. Sitting down to write once a day can be a good way to edge closer to that goal.
      Many hugs, Solveig

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