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Paris, 15th March 2016

Dear Blog,

A year has passed since I wrote my very first post. Actually more than a year has passed, as the first one of my posts, a letter to my potential readers went live on the 12th of March 2015. I recall writing this very first post called “Intro”, I was like today not sure what I wanted to write about. Something needed to feel the void that can be found on a new blog. The post was quickly written, and promised a bit more than I have let you serve to my readers. The multi lingual part has quickly become a rare feature, and I have probably never written about food, I guess I don’t cook enough, nor do I go to enough restaurants… I went on about how I would organise things in categories, well I have tried to be organised. Some categories have come and gone over time.

Magnolia Palais Royal Little did I know when I wrote that very first post that I would have regular readers, that I would participate in the A to Z Challenge only a few weeks later, that I would love to share coffees on a regular basis as a non coffee drinker. Nor did I know when I hit publish for that very first post, that I would be the host to a multi-contributor advent calendar, or that I would start a guest post series in which guests are asked to share their traditions (the most recent instalment can be found here).

You, my dear blog helped me discover or rediscover? my passion for writing short stories, creating worlds and connecting with other writers/bloggers and my readers. Thanks t this space on the internet that you are, I have gained confidence in my creativity. I had no idea what guest posts were and well was overwhelmed that I could do a few.

When I look at your stats, I can tell how well I was doing. End of May 2015 I suddenly grew quiet, an absence that lasted for three weeks. I had received the news of my mother’s diagnosis, that paired with traveling to the South of France. And then in January, my posting grew scarcer, treatments had stopped for my mother. February only saw 7 posts, and then my last post was published on the 1st of March. Today, my mother’s passing away lays exactly 3 weeks in the past. Once more I want to break the silence and continue creating on and off this blog. I want to continue growing this blog and I want to write a book.

Now, it is time to start into the second year of blogging. To continue growing. I have projects for you my dearest blog. Discovering Traditions will hopefully continue, even if I have no one for Saint Patrick’s day, just yet, I have to start working on my A to Z Challenge posts, catch up on other blogs. But for now my toddler battling her cold as well as the beautiful weather call for attention.