Magic in Albi – A Young Family Travels Part 2

Magic in Albi

A Young Family Travels Part 2

Our lovely holiday in the beginning of June, was not only spend in the garden and in the little French village we were staying. No, we also did some proper tourism. On one of the hottest and sunniest days of our stay, we went on a little adventure. We visited Albi.

Saint-Cécile Cathedral seen from les jardins du palais de la Berbie
Jardins de la Berbie
Jardins du Palais de la Berbie

Albi is an old town, that has its historic origines dating back to roman times. In 2010 Albi’s old town was crowned a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has many tourist attractions that one might want to check out. I must confess, we didn’t do much, besides go for a good walk. I have been to Albi at numerous occasions, and I still have not visited the Musée Toulouse-Lautrec, but as little one has grandparent’s in the area, we shall visit it one day. One thing we did though, is visit the Saint-Cécile Cathedral. The construction of this fortified cathedral started in 1282, and was meant to symbolise the strength of the catholic church. I must say that it’s outside is far more impressive than it’s inside. But while we were inside, taking a break from the blazing heat,something magical happened. Little one decided that she must sit on a step on the far right of the altar, she was so happy there, smiling and swaying. She was not at all interested in moving away. A few moments after we managed to make her join us on one of the benches, a small boy, not older nor younger than little one decided that the far right of the altar was a place to sit down and rest. He too was a happy baby, feeling something, some form of good vibration, that we, as adults could no longer feel. We then went on to visit a very beautiful garden, les jardins du Palais de la Berbie. As the heat of the afternoon was starting to get stronger, we decided to head home. Which was definitely a good thing, as on the way to the car, I started to feel the effects of the heat on my organism.



Text and images (hosted on flickr) by Solveig Werner
If you would like to know more about Albi, then I do invite you to visit the website of the Office de Tourisme. The first part of “a Young Family Travels” can be found here.

14 thoughts on “Magic in Albi – A Young Family Travels Part 2

  1. What a lovely post! I have a friend who loves Albi and it is somewhere i would very much like to see. Your beautiful photos make it look wonderful. ☺

    Liked by 1 person

  2. bonjour Solveig !

    Je viens de participer au challenge auquel j’ai été invitée par Evelyne. Je découvre ton blog, beau et intéressant. J’adore Albi, parfois elle prend des airs de Toscane, sur les bords du fleuve, la lumière est exceptionnelle. La région dans son ensemble est belle, d’ailleurs. Le musée Lautrec, que j’ai vu rénové est absolument passionnant, très beau, à voir quoi ! J’écris en français, pas assez bonne en anglais, mais j’arrive à le lire et voici pourquoi je “suis” Evelyne depuis un bon moment. Le Challenge que tu as proposé a été vraiment riche, super idée ! Au plaisir !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bonjour!
      Merci de t’arrêter à mon blog, je n’écris pas assez en français, car je crains faire trop d’erreurs (donc je finis par en faire de plus en plus). J’ai été invité moi-même à ce challenge, et j’ai trouvé qu’il nous fait bien voyager…
      Chaque fois que je me trouve à Albi, je suis impressionnée par la beauté des lieux…


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