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D is for Dolphin

Dolphin water colourIn the summer during which I turned 13, I saw real, non-captive dolphins for the first time. They were far away at the edge of the horizon, but they were there enjoying their freedom. Up to then dolphins had been something I knew from TV and I did not even have TV, so I did not really get to see that many dolphins… Besides dolphins we spotted pelicans, birds that up to then had been mascots for pens. Wild horses almost kept us company on the beach, and imagine our excitement when we came across a turtle shell! Of course we were less excited when we almost stepped on a very small but also very poisonous snake.

For anyone wondering we were at the northern edge of the Outer Banks in North Carolina and had one day ventured into the Currituck Banks Reserve where we came across the turtle shell and the snake.

Deep down in the damp and dark dungeons digger Donald Dupond devoured a dodgy dumpling.

During the month of April, I am participating in the A to Z Challenge, my theme is authenticity and eclecticism, which in my book go hand in hand.

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