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Cherry Blossoms and Snowflakes

When growing up my mother used to read an Advent Calendar book to my sister and myself. On the fourth of December it was the day the characters int he book found out about Saint Barbara. Since the 12th Century the 4th of December has been Saint Barbara day (in the orthodox church it’s on the 17th). I recall the story of Saint Barbara being like a fairy tale, reading about the story, made me shiver. It is often romanticised in it’s description, and telling you what I read on Wikipedia does not fit into the christmassy joys of this calendar.

Still even if Barbara’s story is rather gloomy, there is a beautiful tradition that was established in her honour. It is so beautiful, that I want everyone who can to try it out.

So what is this tradition?

Well if today on the 4th of December you cut a branch from a fruit tree, such as cherry or apple, but also from a forsythia tree and put it into a vase or a glass of water, it will most probably bloom on Christmas Eve!
It’s also a great reminder that if you want to prune your cherry tree this should be done when the tree is dormant in the winter months.

When I was little there were cherry trees in our neighbourhood, so we had fun experimenting with that, and it worked! I was already wondering how I could go about it this year, the nearest cherry trees are in a public park, I was already imagining how I would have to explain my uncivil actions. Well it won’t come to that this year. Earlier this week I was quite shocked to see four or five cherry trees blossoming (not a real spring blossom like on the photo in my header), they don’t need my vase to be blooming on Christmas!

So, if where you are the cherry trees are not blossoming, then cut a branch or two and see if this experiment works for you! And don’t forget to let us all know once Christmas has come around.

Global warming has me shaking my head. The last time we had a true winter was 3 years ago, and it was a tough one. Now two Christmases and winters without the white sugar coating have me longing for a white Christmas and a proper winter.

I am trying my best to get there through the crafting of paper snowflakes. And I want to share the directions with you so you can decorate at no cost at all and can have a seemingly white Christmas!

What you need:

  • a piece of paper (square would be best, but if you have another format like I do then that’s ok too)
  • a pair of scissors


What you have to do:

Start here if you don’t have a square piece of paper:

  1. If the paper is not square and only rectangular, you have to cut it into a square format. You can do so by folding one of the shorter edges onto the longer edge, it would look something like this: IMG_3872
  2. Then proceed to cutting the left over paper. Unfold and voilà you have a square! IMG_3873

If you already have a square piece of paper, then start here:

  1. Fold your paper in half.IMG_3874
  2. Then in half again, you should now have 4 layers of paper.IMG_3875
  3. After that proceed to fold it into a triangle, with the folds/bindings touching one another (I am not sure if I am clear here)IMG_3876
  4. Then you fold the three remaining folds/bindings onto the large fold/binging (it is the longest edge)
  5. Now you have something resembling and ice-cream coneIMG_3877
  6. Cut the cone bit at the top! (very important or else you’ll have a square snowflake) IMG_3878
  7. Start cutting out paper bits, go crazy, cut on all sides (on the top the point, the sides) just be careful to not cut too deeply and risk breaking your creation. IMG_3879 IMG_3880
  8. When you have lots of holes everywhere, take a deep breath! IMG_3881
  9. Then slowly unfold the paper.
  10. You have a unique snowflake!


© Solveig Werner 2015. All rights reserved.