If we were having coffee – 9 April 2016

If we were having coffee, then as I do quite often, I would ask you to be quiet as a mouse. Little on is finally napping, it took ages to get there, so I don’t want her to be prematurely woken. Would you like some tea? Or some juice? It’s a bit cold in my apartment so maybe a hot chocolate to heat you back up? I am sorry, this weekend my fruit offerings aren’t as rich as usually, I did go to the market this morning, but they had no rains and the strawberries weren’t all that nice. So you can choose between bananas, kiwis and oranges, or I do have some Easter Chocolate left over…

If we were having coffee you would point ou my Easter branches, which since Easter have sprouted leaves. I had only two eggs that I could hang on them, but now that I have a watercoloring champion, I know what I’ll be doing with little one next year in the weeks before Easter… The willow branches that I do have are actually cut off from willow branches my mom bought years ago for Easter, and as they have to be cut regularly, they are great for Easter. These here are already sprouting roots, so I might have to get a big pot to plant them in.

If we were having coffee, then I would tell you about my week. It was rather uneventful. We had some very beautiful and warm days and others marked by rain (like today). On Sunday little one decided that she wanted to visit the Musée Chernushi again, it is a small Museum next to the Parc Monceau that displays Asian art. As admission is free, we are always keen to go there for a little visit. Well, when we entered, we remembered that all (erm most as it is high season now) museums were free last Sunday, as it was the 1st Sunday of the month. In front of the museum there are two beautiful sculptures of lions, which little one loves to pet and kiss. Yesterday, she wanted to go back and say hello to them, but the museum will be closed for a few months for some renovations.

I worked only very little this week, as many of my adult students are busy in their personal or professional lives and as one of my teenage students, who I used to see twice a week is not in France at the moment and might not going to pursue German in the future. This does mean that I have some more time to focus on family, and blogging and, and my art! But I really do want to focus my strength on growing my business, I am constantly learning new things to share with my students and am longing to make a real living from what I do. I have adopted a proactive stance and wrote a few emails to language schools with which I have worked or that have expressed interest to work with me, I have talked to some of my clients and told them that I am actively looking for more work. So we’ll see. Up to now, work always seemed to come to me, just because I had an add on an online platform, that will continue to bring me some work, but I might have to work on getting work…

If you have been reading my bog since Easter then you might have noticed that there is a sudden presence of water colour paintings. I have no idea why, but suddenly I had the energy and motivation to take out my paints and paint brushes and paint! I am very much enjoying myself, and as I have mentioned above, my daughter now paints too. I bought her a Faber Castell water colour kit for 3,90€ so she can mess with that and not with my Winsor & Newton colours… It’s a great way to keep her occupied, and she always asks for more. She has also started properly playing, which is a lot of fun to observe. Now when we go to the park she loves playing with her little Playmobil horse or with a ball or with her sandbox toys.

If we were having coffee, then I would tell you that I am very much enjoying the A to Z Challenge. I have not been able to schedule posts for more than a few hours in advance, as the word I will write about suddenly appears in my mind. I am still not sure what the letter I will be. Are you participating in the A to Z Challenge? How is that going for you? I try to visit many blog every day, often through the A to Z Challenge tag in the wordpress app on my phone, when I am on my computer I try to go through the challenge’s website, to stay truly random I let a randomiser pick a number and then I will read a few blogs around that number. I am very much behind in replying to the comments that I receive, but I blame my phone on that, the phone app is far from user friendly when it comes to replying to comments. And I try to prioritise visiting blogs, so in the long run something always gets a bit neglected.

If we were having coffee, then we might look at some drawings and paintings that I did in the past. I would tell you that I am considering starting an instagram account to share them with the world, as I do prefer using recent ones to illustrate my blog. What do you think of that idea? Oh and then I would share what I did two nights ago, I was just doing some doodling when I felt the need to save the paper and make something out of it.
Water colours -randomness
So what do you see in this picture? Are you sure that you have spotted everything? Have another look! Maybe from a different point of view…

If we were having coffee, then I would tell you to visit Diana’s blog Part Time Monster, where you can find this weekend’s linkup post. Maybe you want to join in with your very own coffee post?

Oh and you can make noise again, since I started my post my daughter has woken again, and is now playing.

© Solveig Werner 2016. All rights reserved.

28 thoughts on “If we were having coffee – 9 April 2016

  1. I love instagram! I highly recommend it, and using hashtags so that other people can find you 🙂
    If you do, post about it so I can follow you, I’d love to see your work.

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  2. I think it’s great you’re painting! I really haven’t don’t much water colors, but I often try to mimic it when I colorize sketches on the computer. And I agree with Rhio, you should start up an Instagram account. I took a quick look at your sister’s account and it looks great. I only put up some phone pictures, but I should concentrate on more “creative” stuff, since that’s a little bit of what my blog is about.

    I hope you get all of the work you need, but not too much!

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    1. Thank you Trent. Well a bit more work than what I currently have should be a good thing. I’ll still have time to blog, or at least I will make time for that…

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  3. I love the painting, and the Instagram account is a fabulous idea. It will be fun to share your creations with the world. It’s also wonderful that you get to share the time with your little one – how precious. Have a lovely weekend 🙂

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  4. J here, of the #atozchallenge Arlee Bird’s A to Z Ambassador Team.
    How has the first week of the challenge been for you so far? Are you meeting your goals of posting and hopping to other blogs? Looking forward to Sunday off?
    My blog’s giveaways are still going! I’m encouraging everyone to visit more stops.
    Kiwi and coffee sounds good. Do you have Green Mountain’s Wild Mountain Blueberry? That goes really well with fruit.
    I haven’t been to the museum in a while. I should remedy that.
    I see a person laying on a bird, flying down between the trees.

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    1. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am having a bit of a hard time replying to all of the lovely comments that I have received recently in a timely manner, but I am trying to catch up.
      Your comment ended up in my spam folder, I am letting you know as this might affect your comments on other WP based blogs. That’s also why I am replying only now…
      What is Green Mountain’s Wild Mountain Bluberry?


  5. I’m having a hot chocolate, and thinking you should try Instagram. It’s not for me, but the people who love it absolutely adore it. What’s the harm in trying? If it doesn’t work out, you can always delete your account. And if it does work out, all the better!

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      1. First I must warn you that, I See “things” in the shapes of clouds, I see faces of people in water stains on the ceiling……..I see stories too
        Challenge Accepted let me tell you what I see……..

        A smiling lady with green hair and a glowing heart pendant neck piece she got from her beau?
        Someone sitting on a park bench enjoying the view of a pond maybe its a lake if you look at it from this other side.
        A bird eating something blue and squiggly which could be a coiled up worm or a snail or a tiny squirrel, bushy tailed and all.
        an early bird eating a blue worm and when I twist my head like this I see a landscape view of some scenic place with a distant hill or mountain an avenue of trees and a gentleman with a blue tail is talking a leisurely evening stroll by the boulevard


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        1. Oh how lovely Beaton! You see so much. Can’t you see the turtle someone in there? I did paint a turtle but it then was covered by a lot of things.
          Maybe I should start a prompt based on a psychedelic painting? How would that be?

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Turtle? *Looks again* Oh I see the turtle I think you would have to know its there to find it, cause now am wandering how I could have missed it hahahahaha

            A psychedelic painting prompt would be lots of fun i think


            Liked by 1 person

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