Q is for Questions – A to Z Challenge April 2015

It is important to ask questions. Without asking questions we will not learn more, or we will not learn the things that we want that truly interest us.

In the Book “Sophie’s World” by Jostein Gaarder, the importance of questions is underlined. I read the book more than ten year ago, and still recall the passage on questions. A child is the perfect philosopher, as it will ask many questions and is not satisfied with a brief incomplete answer.

Sadly I have observed parents telling their children to ask less questions, don’t do that, tell them you don’t know and check with them in a book, on the internet or ask someone else. Questions will make you and your children grow.

Sometimes breaking down a question into many small questions can lead to finding the right answer. Science, research and learning are all about questions. Asking many different questions to find an answer.

When you don’t understand something, or are not 100% sure, ASK! And no, there are no stupid questions. 

At school and university, I used to ask a whole lot of questions. In a math course at university, I asked so many questions, that the professor called me “Miss Sceptic”. Some of my fellow students approached me, to let me know that they were glad I did ask those questions, they had not understood and did not dare open their mouths to ask…

What questions do you ask yourself and others? Do you ask a lot of questions? Do you encourage others to ask questions?

Written by Solveig Werner

P is for Penguin – A to Z Challenge April 2015

“Thank you”, I heard a fragile voice say.

I looked around, I could see no one who could have spoken to me, after all I just got home, but no one else was there yet.

“I am here”, I heard the voice again, I looked down into my arms, the penguin that I was carrying looked into my eyes nodding, I noticed a smile. Wait what??

Earlier that day I had crossed a street and seen a very battered looking penguin sitting on a sidewalk. Penguins are definitely not that common in Paris, but that did not stop me to take it with me.

“Thank you for saving me”, was I hallucinating? This definitely made it easier to know what I should give to the penguin.

After a glass of water and some sardines, that I had found under the kitchen sink, the penguin started telling me its story.

One day whilst swimming in the ocean it completely lost its orientation and could not find its way back to the others. After days of desperately swimming with the feeling of death being near, it ended up being tangled in a fishing net. This meant food, as well as danger.

After weeks of hiding from fishermen it suddenly woke one day with a different sound, where was the engine? Where was the ocean? The feeling was different too, my penguin friend was in for a bumpy ride, but did not know it yet.

Written by Solveig Werner