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I have been smiling a lot this week, and that even though it has not always been easy to stay positive. As I have mentioned before, I smile a lot, I am almost constantly smiling. So I want to share a few moments that made me smile more.

post-milestone-200-2xJust before midnight on Wednesday I published my 200th post! I have been struggling a bit this week to find time to write. Initially I wanted it to go live on Tuesday, but it was only ready a very few minutes before Thursday started… That’s worth a smile isn’t it?

Another smile stemming from the blogging world is the very positive way in which my post Who am I? has been received. I am so happy that many people have used it as a prompt to ask themselves the same question and have been linking back. I do hope that more people will join in this exercise of self-discovery.

But these two aren’t even the principal smiles that I wanted to share…

And as a mom, I have to share some toddler moments. I told my daughter that I would have to do some work, “Ich muss arbeiten” and she started saying “Arbeit” (work) over and over again, and started crying, I guess she believed that I was off to work out of the house, but all that was going on was that I had to do some work, I guess I can no longer use “Arbeit” when I want to tell her that I need to well work…

On Monday while I was working (yes I sometimes work) my parents were babysitting my little one, and well they must have had a blast. My dad took her to the park on her scooter and she was allowed to ride the carrousel (a special grandparent treat). A photo made it’S rounds on Facebook of the two being more than happy, from what I’ve heard (I am not on Facebook) it’s received a ton of likes in a very short time. I guess many people smiled when they saw the happiness on their faces. Little one was not too happy that my mother did not join them on the excursion, she did bring her her shoes and cried a bit to convince her Oma, or “Ama” as she says to join them. I am smiling about how much love there is between the three of them, little one is showing her grandparents every day that she loves them and that they are important for her. She is even showing this to her grandparents who live far away, she just loves family and happy people, people who smile!

What made you smile this week? How did you make others smile this week?

Now if you are looking for some more things to make you smile head over to Trent’s blog, he is the host of this lovely #weeklysmile linkup, join the fun with your own post and make your readers smile while reading your blog. And don’t forget to share the posts with the hashtag #WeeklySmile 🙂

Happy Smiling!

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