Constantly Smiling #WeeklySmile

Did I not smile this week?

Of course I have smiled, what are you thinking! I have smiled about many things. It is not easy to pinpoint the one special smile this week, but that might be because I am all the time.

I have smiled about the drop in pollution. I have smiled about progress made by others. I have smiled during and about conversations I had. I am smiling while writing this. I smile when my daughter sleeps and thus lets me write. I have smiled to the drivers who let us cross the street in safety. I am smiling about the new acquaintance I made this afternoon. I am smiling about my projects, even though I don’t know where to start. I smile about the quality time I spend with my family. I smile about phone calls that I had this week. I smile about you, as you make me smile. I smile about comments. There have been blogposts that made me smile. And so many more things are making me smile.

I am smiling. Are you smiling?

#WeeklySmile is a weekly linkup hosted by Trent P. McDonald, you can find the story behind the Weekly Smile and the rules for the linkup here, and you can find this weeks linkup here.

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9 thoughts on “Constantly Smiling #WeeklySmile

      1. I don’t have a good topic for Wednesday yet, so i may just do a “I smiled about a lot of small things!” post. If I do, I’ll make sure I put a different twist on it than the one you did.

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  1. I admit I have difficulties smiling this week. I am feeling blue and slightly depressed. But we are at the end of January and spring will be here soon. Smile will come back with it.
    Meanwhile, I imagine you smiling with your Little One… 🙂

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    1. Oh Camille, I do hope that you will find your smiles again.
      Did you have beautiful weather today too? Here it was a gorgeous day today worth smiling about. 🙂

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  2. Rather unusual for me not to be laughing at something or other, but this week… not my usual self, I guess. Good reminder to lighten up. Thanks for the smile.

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    1. aw Ally, I hope that those usual smiles and laughs will return quickly (I have lived through smile less stretches myself, better not let them last too long)

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  3. My yoga teacher told us last week that a study showed being smiled at creates the same biological/emotional response as being happy. So, your smile probably made anyone who saw it healthier and happier, even if they did not smile back. We also sometimes force a smile during a particularly difficult yoga pose, and it helps! It’s like the body just can’t take it seriously if the lips are turned upward.

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    1. Oh I like that Trista! When someone lets me cross the street, they get a wave a “merci” and a big smile. I’d say it’s worth it to follow the rules at pedestrian crossings when someone like me wants to cross…


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