A question for authors

Over the spring and summer this year, I read quite a few books. Most of them brilliant, I have decided that if I get too bored I don't continue right away. I still give the book a second chance later on, because sometimes it's not the book but my mindset, the weather, distractions or not … Continue reading A question for authors

What if?

What if? If you were still here, then today we'd spend some time together to celebrate your 56th Birthday. You'd be so happy to now have two healthy grandchildren. We'd go for a walk in the park. Maybe we would be making plans for the weekend. Would you like to go searching for mushrooms, just the … Continue reading What if?

10 reasons why writing in a notebook is great

What medium do you use to write? A computer? A typewriter? Pen and paper? Pen and a notebook? Today, I want to explore ten advantages of using a notebook for writing. I have a growing collection of Moleskin notebooks, which you might know have smooth paper and are lovely to write on, especially with a … Continue reading 10 reasons why writing in a notebook is great