H is for Help #AtoZChallenge

H is for Help

Helping others is something of a natural habit of mine. When asked I will help the elderly lady read the price tags in the supermarket. Often people ask me to get them some product placed on a high shelf that they cannot reach themselves. Sometimes I will give uncollected advice when I see someone hesitating, or when I overhear snippets of a conversation. If you look lost or are desperately staring at a map, then I will probably approach you and ask you if I can help you. Continue reading “H is for Help #AtoZChallenge”

Learning to Twitter – Part 1

As you probably know by now, I hosted a multi-contributor advent calendar in December 2015. There are many things I learnt while playing hostess, and one of them was how to find my way around twitter. I joined twitter in September, just before my first guest appearance and after a blogger had asked me where I can be found on social media. In the world of blogging being on at least one time consuming social media platform seems to be a must.

So here are some of my twitter tips.  Continue reading “Learning to Twitter – Part 1”