If we were having coffee – 9 January 2016

Come on in, it is so nice to see you again! I won’t give you a hug or do the bises (kisses) as I am fighting a cold. But that won’t keep me from having you over. Would you like a cup of tea or some grape juice, some water?

If we were having coffee then I would ask you how you have been. I would apologise that I have been slow with replying to comments. Sorry… I just realised that I replied to none of the comments I received on my coffee post last week, I read them all, but as my mother in law was visiting until Tuesday, I did not reply as much as I would have on a normal day.

How has your week been? Have you been up to anything exciting? Let me know!

My week started rather quietly, I worked on Monday and yesterday, so that’s not massive. On Wednesday my student could not come, which was quite good as little one had caught a cold. Her cold has gotten worse since then and at the moment she is sleeping against my chest in the wrap sling, she’s almost 2 and still gets carried around. I don’t blame her, it must be so comfortable.

My rather uneventful week got really eventful when I woke up on Thursday morning at about 6:45 with the smell and taste of smoke, five minutes later firemen were knocking on our door, and I knew that I had not been imagining things. Even though we did not have to leave our house, we did so quite quickly as I am massively scared of fire (more about that soon I guess) and as smoke fumes are good for no one especially not for sick babies. My parents live up the street, so we went there. S wanted to go back home to get dressed for work but the whole street was blocked off, it was not before 11:30am that the street was made accessible again. The amount of firetrucks, fire men and police officers present in our street on Thursday was impressive. I read in the newspaper that 16 cars burned completely (it’s a Smart and Mercedes car dealership and mechanic), that a floor caved in. There had been the potential for a really big fire, just imagine cars, tires, oils, heating oil for the place etc. Luckily they managed to contain the fire and kept it from spreading, I did hear from the letting agency that on the 2nd floor the heat made the paint peel of the walls…

But on to more joyous things. Like blogging. I am trying to keep up my daily posting streak for a bit longer, but it will probably be interrupted by the end of January, we’ll see. On Sunday, I posted the call for participation regarding the Discovering Traditions series, and I would LOVE to have you as my guest, even if you do not have a blog. On Monday, I wrote about a Christmas present I had received, a Colette Surprise. Tuesday, I shared some of the things that I have learnt so far when it comes to using twitter. Then on Wednesday, Robin Rivera of Write on Sisters was my guest for Epiphany with a post pack with traditions and memories. On Thursday, even though I was still in shock I wrote about Epiphany once again. And finally yesterday I put up my first #WeeklySmile post, which is an event hosted by Trent McDonald (he is a very active participant in #weekendcoffeeshare so you probably know him).

Now, I have taken up to much of your time, maybe you’ll stay around a bit and read the posts you might have missed this week? I’ll get us a nice Galette de Rois. And don’t forget to go visit others for coffee today, maybe you want to join in with your own post? You can find the other posts over in the linky on Diana’s blog Part-Time Monster, you can find this week’s linkup here (everything hides behind the blue button with the frog on it).

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25 thoughts on “If we were having coffee – 9 January 2016

  1. Busy week. Been trying to cure my edit-as-you-go addiction. I have started not reading my draft when I start writing. It’s hard to do but I my draft has progressed. Great coffee!

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  2. Your week certainly had its ups and downs. House on fire is stressful, but you sound like you handled it well. Thanks for the links– and the coffee. Very tasty.

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  3. With the extra information about the fire in the post, yes, you HAD to get away. I’m sure they eventually forced everyone to evacuate if it peeled the paint on the first two floors of your building! They did do a great job to keep it confined.

    I hope your little one is better soon and that you don’t get the cold. I was sick with a cold or the flu for a big chunk of December – you want to avoid what I had!

    I hope you have a great week!

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    1. Well they did not evacuate our building, but with a toddler it is safer. I am on the 5th floor, but I am still freaked out at the moment. I had put links here to twitter, but I don’t really want the tweets to show up on my blog… mmm
      I am so glad that it did not spread. I take a long time to digest fires (I had a big accident when I was 5 and a fire in my university housing).
      Little one had a big fever on Saturday but besides a runny nose she is all cured now, I am ok, the least sick of us three.

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  4. So glad you were all safe from the fire. That is scary! I hope Little one is okay now. Sick babies…I really hate that. My own two grandsons are sick right now.

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    1. She had a feverish Saturday, not fun at all. Well I think that was due to her cold and to the fact that a bottom canine pierced, one more canine to go!
      I hope that they are better soon.

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  5. .Nothing scare me as fire. I am happy you werenot in danger. The smoke can be harmful however. We get fire periodly here as someone is share to set off the fire alarm systemike leaving a pan on the stove and forgetting to turned off the burner. The worst one was when someone forgot to remove the fork before putting in her microwave. The fire protection is so good here as only her apartment was damaged.
    Trent post on smiling is very good and I often smile at strangers. This week it happened to me twice.

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  6. Oh my, what a week!

    Glad they caught the fire early enough to really keep it in check, and glad they thought to move people out. What a mess that could’ve been.

    Hope you’re able to get some writing done this week. 🙂

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    1. It was rather uneventful at first, oh now I will cherish uneventful weeks. We decided to leave, they did not evacuate the building, but they did not let S back into the street when he wanted to get changed for work.

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    1. Ah, it has started out ok so far. I am so behind on comments at the moment. Grrr, I don’t like that. I feel that all these events have led me to slow down a bit lately.


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