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Come on in, it is so nice to see you again! I won’t give you a hug or do the bises (kisses) as I am fighting a cold. But that won’t keep me from having you over. Would you like a cup of tea or some grape juice, some water?

If we were having coffee then I would ask you how you have been. I would apologise that I have been slow with replying to comments. Sorry… I just realised that I replied to none of the comments I received on my coffee post last week, I read them all, but as my mother in law was visiting until Tuesday, I did not reply as much as I would have on a normal day.

How has your week been? Have you been up to anything exciting? Let me know!

My week started rather quietly, I worked on Monday and yesterday, so that’s not massive. On Wednesday my student could not come, which was quite good as little one had caught a cold. Her cold has gotten worse since then and at the moment she is sleeping against my chest in the wrap sling, she’s almost 2 and still gets carried around. I don’t blame her, it must be so comfortable.

My rather uneventful week got really eventful when I woke up on Thursday morning at about 6:45 with the smell and taste of smoke, five minutes later firemen were knocking on our door, and I knew that I had not been imagining things. Even though we did not have to leave our house, we did so quite quickly as I am massively scared of fire (more about that soon I guess) and as smoke fumes are good for no one especially not for sick babies. My parents live up the street, so we went there. S wanted to go back home to get dressed for work but the whole street was blocked off, it was not before 11:30am that the street was made accessible again. The amount of firetrucks, fire men and police officers present in our street on Thursday was impressive. I read in the newspaper that 16 cars burned completely (it’s a Smart and Mercedes car dealership and mechanic), that a floor caved in. There had been the potential for a really big fire, just imagine cars, tires, oils, heating oil for the place etc. Luckily they managed to contain the fire and kept it from spreading, I did hear from the letting agency that on the 2nd floor the heat made the paint peel of the walls…

But on to more joyous things. Like blogging. I am trying to keep up my daily posting streak for a bit longer, but it will probably be interrupted by the end of January, we’ll see. On Sunday, I posted the call for participation regarding the Discovering Traditions series, and I would LOVE to have you as my guest, even if you do not have a blog. On Monday, I wrote about a Christmas present I had received, a Colette Surprise. Tuesday, I shared some of the things that I have learnt so far when it comes to using twitter. Then on Wednesday, Robin Rivera of Write on Sisters was my guest for Epiphany with a post pack with traditions and memories. On Thursday, even though I was still in shock I wrote about Epiphany once again. And finally yesterday I put up my first #WeeklySmile post, which is an event hosted by Trent McDonald (he is a very active participant in #weekendcoffeeshare so you probably know him).

Now, I have taken up to much of your time, maybe you’ll stay around a bit and read the posts you might have missed this week? I’ll get us a nice Galette de Rois. And don’t forget to go visit others for coffee today, maybe you want to join in with your own post? You can find the other posts over in the linky on Diana’s blog Part-Time Monster, you can find this week’s linkup here (everything hides behind the blue button with the frog on it).

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