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What medium do you use to write? A computer? A typewriter? Pen and paper? Pen and a notebook? Today, I want to explore ten advantages of using a notebook for writing.

National Blog Posting Month, NanoPoblano, NaBloPoMo, 2015I have a growing collection of Moleskin notebooks, which you might know have smooth paper and are lovely to write on, especially with a good fountain pen. Even if my notebooks are fancy, my pen isn’t it is a simple Parker pen that I got for about 10€ in a super market.

So what are the advantages for using a notebook?

  1. What you write cannot be deleted it will stay on the page. You will have to put effort into erasing things, using an ink eraser is not fun, white out or other things aren’t cool either, you’ll very likely just cross out what you wrote. And crumpling up notebook pages is a no no. So if you wrote something you weren’t happy about due to x or y reasons but after a good night’s sleep you think it was good, well then it isn’t lost. Nor can a notebook’s hard drive die on you. Software updates won’t impact you. And if you forget to hit save, it will be saved anyways.
  2. If you are like me, then writing in a notebook will enable you to write really really quickly. I write in cursive at a very high speed, at university I never took my notes on a computer, that would have just slowed me down, and when you are studying then handwriting helps the memorisation process, so take notes by hand.
  3. Any idea that goes through your head can just be jotted down anywhere you are. No need to press a button.
  4. In case you have no power you can still write. Power outages happen everywhere, yes even in Paris… And imagine on an airplane, you are always told to turn off your electronic equipment, no one ever tells you to store away your notebook, so if your characters are in transmission mode, it might be best to be equipped with a notebook.
  5. No social media distraction. Now come on! Everyone who writes gets distracted by things happening on the computer, twitter, Facebook, blogs, news… With a notebook you can cut yourself off from distractions linked to modern technology without needing too much self-discipline.
  6. Anything you write will be first draft. So if you type it up you’ll automatically work through it again.
  7. You won’t lose paper. This is an advantage of using a notebook over just loose paper. How often has it happened that something was written down on a piece of paper and then the paper went missing? A notebook is nicely bound…
  8. Looking through old notebooks can a be a lot of fun. Who looks through old files on their computer? It might even bring back memories and spike new burst of creativity.
  9. You will not be preoccupied by the word count. No notebook that I know of counts your words automatically…
  10. People who observe you will take you for a writer. Some might even approach you and ask you. Writing in a notebook in a public space is socially acceptable, you have an artistic vibe around you and are not excluding yourself by hiding behind a screen.

Come back next week to find out about the disadvantages I have come across when it comes to writing in a notebook.

© Solveig Werner 2015. All rights reserved.