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I am lost for words, my heart is aching. I cannot believe the things that happened here last night. None of this should have happened! A life should not end by anything other than a natural death.

My thoughts are with those who lost loved ones. My soul is aching for the lost souls.

Today, I wanted to start the day in peace. I wanted to write, I wanted to have you over for coffee. I can do all of that, while others can no longer, thus I am starting my day with a heavy heart. I envy my daughter for her intrinsic happiness, her joyfulness while playing this morning.

Late last night the worries started to creep into my mind. Do I know anyone who has been deprived of their life, who has been hurt, who has lost someone dear? Even if I have lost touch with old friends, I am convinced that a friend is a friend, no matter how often we communicate.

With all of this, I don’t know if we would be having coffee today. But it would definitely be nice to have you join me for a while.

I am not sure how all of this will affect my commitment to NanoPoblano and NaNoWriMo, my blog reading and my commenting, but I might be a bit quieter and reserved over the days to come. 

Much love, Solveig