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A Thought To Consider by Seward Johnson

A Thought To Consider by Seward Johnson Sculpture currently in the Parc Monceau, Paris Aren’t you reminded of Renoir?

If we were having coffee, we would of course be having tea. Or, I can, if you want grind some Zotter coffee (yes the same place where I got last week’s chocolate) in my mortar and pour hot water on it, but there are chances that you won’t like it, due to the way it’s prepared…

How have you been doing? Can I ask you to be quiet? Little one and S are sleeping while I am writing this. But, you are still welcome to join me for a chat.

How has your week been? Up to anything exciting?

If we were having coffee I’d be all giggly telling you that I decided to finally register my domain. So you are now visiting solveigwerner.com, I see it as a sign of more confidence in my writing and blogging. Now, it is time to take some steps forward and do some more serious writing. I would definitely love to try myself and freelance writing, after all I always wanted to write for a living (I will have to do a post on why I write, it has tickling me for a while now). Any tips of where to look?
I am also thinking about doing some cool features/series on this blog, such as interviews and portraits. I have always enjoyed doing interviews, I actually did quite a few in the past, first with the Student Radio, I was an active member of and then for my various research papers. As for the portraits, I have a love for biographies, and doing portraits of writers, bloggers, artists, musicians would definitely be a fun thing to do. Of course I would have to do some good research.
Would you like that?

But now to the week, you probable want to know some details right? Besides writing a few blog posts, I started writing something that seems like something more than just a simple blog post. On Sunday we had a little family adventure by the Seine (a post about that coming ups soon). I then started my week completely unbalanced, in need of sleep, thus I did not join in the blog battle, but hopefully I’ll be able to do so in the week to come. Quickly I reestablished my balance, I started a royal jelly cure and it seems as though it helps. Besides that I have been drinking a lot of green tea. A fair amount of time was spend this week with cleaning the house, it seems like my apartment just grew a bit, thanks to good organisation. Now all of our books have moved to the living room, except for the dictionaries they don’t need to be prominently displayed here.

Today, I received a very pleasant surprise in my mailbox, a postcard from Brisbane, send by an old friend from high school.

Last week I asked you about twitter tips, and I have just tried sharing things via twitter, and I have the feeling that I am not a complete beginner anymore. I hope that you agree with me.

One last thing, I have a small question. As you might know, I work as a freelance German teacher, and I would like to widen my reach by teaching lessons online via Skype. I am therefore thinking about advertising my teaching services in a small tab on my blog, but S thinks it’s best to keep my blog for creativity and not misuse it for work. What do you think? Would it annoy you to see “German lessons” next to the “About” tab in the menu or anywhere in the menu?

Thank you for stopping by, please make sure to head over to Diana’s blog Part-Time Monster, check out her coffee post and see what others have to say/join the linky with your own thoughts.

Have a great weekend, and please enjoy the week to come!

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