The art of avoiding

Today, I have a strange day. The kids aren’t with me, S. is working and as it is a Monday I have almost no lessons to teach. This means it is the perfect day to do things that I should do. Such as cleaning the bathroom (something I really do not enjoy doing), or pre-write a few blog posts (I have never been good at that), or simply sit down and write.


The weather is amazing! The forecast for today is 26°C, the sky is blue, it is sunny. On top of that, I received two interesting books just at the moment that I sat down to write this post (one I already know a bit as the first draft was published on a blog, it is The Halley Branch by Trent P. McDonald). I have two newspapers to read (ok I don’t think that I’ll behave like I did once, 15 years ago, when I read a copy of The Economist in its integrity from cover to cover…) I have the special edition of Der Spiegel “#Frauenland” which is super interesting too…

Those are just the easy distractions.  Continue reading “The art of avoiding”

10 disadvantages of writing in a notebook

Last week I shared with you ten reasons why writing in a notebook is great, but with anything that is positive, there are negatives too. So today, I want to share with you ten things that make me think twice before I pick up my notebook and fountain pen to write. Copy-pasting will ruin your notebook, editing within the notebook is made difficult. Backup copies … Continue reading 10 disadvantages of writing in a notebook

10 reasons why writing in a notebook is great

What medium do you use to write? A computer? A typewriter? Pen and paper? Pen and a notebook? Today, I want to explore ten advantages of using a notebook for writing. I have a growing collection of Moleskin notebooks, which you might know have smooth paper and are lovely to write on, especially with a good fountain pen. Even if my notebooks are fancy, my … Continue reading 10 reasons why writing in a notebook is great