If we were having coffee ~ 1 August 2015

At the moment time flies… Another week has passed, another month has ended…

If we were having coffee, I’d ask you to be nice and quiet, because little one is finally sleeping, and I do not really want her to wake just now. I’d propose some water and some nice peaches we bought this morning on the market.

If we were having coffee, then I’d ask you how you have been. I’d sit back and listen to your adventures that I don’t know yet. I’d ask you if you are part of the weekend coffee share yourself.

If we were having coffee, then you’d probably want to know what I have been up to. I have had a rather quiet week, was definitely not as productive as I would have liked, but one cannot have everything. The weather is getting nicer again, it has actually been nice most of the summer, but you know on Tuesday we were in November. S said that he had the feeling Thanksgiving was nearing…

I’d tell you that I would like to be a bit more active blogging wise, post some more short stories, flash fiction and so on. I would also like to continue on my WIP (not sure if I can call it that just yet), but at the moment I am slow, I do confess. Still this week I managed to write a short piece of flash fiction (some of the sentences had been stuck in my head for weeks now), as well as a book review.

How was you month of July? I managed to be a bit more productive on the blog side than I was during June. I surpassed my stats (views and visitors) of June, but am nowhere close to where my bog was at in April (thanks to the A to Z Challenge) and in May. In July I only posted a mere 16 times. As I have nothing scheduled yet, I am not sure how well I’ll do in August.

What are your plans for August? In August Paris becomes deserted, I do not advise you to travel here if you want to taste true baguette, all of the good bakeries close for most of the month (many of them for the whole month). Little one and I will be traveling to Austria, which means no computer and only having my phone to post (so the likely hood of posting is slim). Next weekend we are invited to a wedding, the first one that I will attend without my parents being there, so it might be a bit quiet on the coffee share side during the next 3 weekends… By the end the month I will be one year older one month older. I will have finished one more trip around the sun. I will be celebrating at the same place where I used to during my childhood, in an amazing restaurant in Tirol, which does not make up for S not coming along, but it will be a special event nonetheless.

Before I forget, this is part of #Weekendcoffeeshare, a weekly linkup (Saturday-Sunday) hosted by lovely Diana of Part Time Monster, head over there and join the linky with your own post!

I hope you have a great weekend!

Thanks for stopping by, Solveig

15 thoughts on “If we were having coffee ~ 1 August 2015

  1. Hi Solveig. I wish I could come have coffee with you. Going to Austria sounds fun. I must say I haven’t done much blogging lately either, I have just felt bogged down. The kids are ramping up for a new school year – and it always feels like I am going back to school with them. We are off to Los Angeles today to have a little holiday before school starts. Have to do some clothes shopping which I hate (my husband is the shopper). Then off to Pebble Beach for a couple of days with the dogs, so they can play on the beach and explore the woods. However, Austria sounds like much more exciting. It is good to hear from you!!!!!

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    1. Ah here everything is in the full blown vacation mood now… School year starts in September in the whole of France, it is called “la rentrée” which means more or less back to school/work. I have been a bit out of work as I am freelance and no one is around to take lessons in the summer, let’s see what September has in store for me.
      is it a positive or negative feeling, the feeling of going back to school with your kids?
      Have fun (as much as you can at least) with the clothes shopping.
      I am so glad to hear from you too, I thought that I should check how you are doing, and voilà I have a comment from my dear fiend SD Gates. I do hope to read some fun things on your blog soon.
      Enjoy the beach! I’ll try to hike, but with a 18 month old, that’s easier said than done I guess. I am leaving in the middle of next week, and I am hoping to write a lot until then. Because phone blogging can’t be/won’t be fun…

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      1. Hi Solveig,
        So good to hear from you!!!! I am always kind of bummed when summer vacation is over, seems so short these days. When the kids go back to school, there is always the late night scurries to get projects done, and papers edited, Invariably someone has to go out and get more printer cartridges at the last minute (why I don’t just keep back-up stuff like that is beyond me – oh, I know, because they are expensive). But in a way it’s nice to have them back on a schedule, the going out to eat lunch costs go down considerably (the boys don’t see anything wrong with paying $70 for sushi at Wasabi for lunch – of course it’s not their money). I am actually looking forward to summer being over, as it gets us a little bit closer to the rainy season (hope it rains this year). If I don’t hear from you, I hope you have a wonderful trip. I hope you are finding time to write!!!!!

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        1. That is an expensive lunch! I have been short of time for writing and that with not working and being home with my baby, but at the moment she is really clingy, and wants me to read to her all day, I guess it’s a future book worm, which is always good.
          I do hope that it will rain in your region, it does seem like you need a lot of that.
          Once I am in the alps, I hope that I’ll have the time to write, write and write. I set myself a crazy goal for August, and I am falling behind already.

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  2. I will have to remember that August is not great for Paris especially those yummy baguettes. August is clearly the holiday month in Europe where everyone moves and travels. Austria sounds nice though but in my opinion, you can’t go wrong in Europe.. period. It is all lovely. We had a busy week ramping up to get ready to move to Cairo so I know my August will look a lot different than my July. It already feels that way just today. Take care and enjoy yourselves.

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    1. A lot of Europe shuts down, especially France (and there mostly Paris as many villages multiply their population by 10 fold for July and August). I have always felt at home in Austria, maybe someday it will be home, who knows.
      Good luck with your move! I am looking forward to following your Egyptian adventure.🐪🐫

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    1. Thank you! I hope to gain readers, followers, visitors and views by being authentic. And I have set myself a writing goal for August 31000 words, so on average 1000 per day, not just on my blog but in my notebook etc. 1st coffee post of September will probably mention how well I went.
      Have a great productive August yourself.

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  3. I have been considering joining the linky for a while but I work most Sundays and I’m afraid I won’t be organised enough…
    I’ve never been to Austria but I know Switzerland’s landscape is very similar. I hope you have a good time. 🙂

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    1. Well just join when you can. I have done some of these posts in 10-15 minutes. They are great for sharing what has been going on in my life, what I have been blogging about, and what my goals are etc. And I have found some great blogs through the weekly interactions 🙂

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