Discovering a different side of Paris ~ A book review and recommendation of “Trapped in Paris” by Evelyne Holingue

After a trip to Paris, Cameron, a 16 year old American is on his way back home to Maine. But sometimes natural events make us change plans. Due to the eruption of a Volcano in Island, Charles de Gaulle airport is now longer letting planes take off. After a tiring night at the airport and even though Cameron has promised his mom not to leave the airport, he leaves for the city with his new friend Framboise. Both are short on money and thus decide to spend the next night on the banks of the Seine, which turns out to be a horrible mistake. They suddenly find themselves caught in a web of organised crime.

Trapped in Paris by Evelyne Holingue, is a book packed with suspense, as well as many unexpected twists. Cameron is regularly haunted by the memories of his past love, but this does not keep him from learning many valuable lessons for life. The themes of true love, friendship, family, ageing, and courage spring to my mind. The protagonists are two sweet kids that one can easily relate to, with fears and other worries which one might call proper for their age, but which I think are universal.

If you are like me not part of the age group that this book is aimed at, then go ahead anyways. It is a true page turner. I must confess that I read it in no time, and when I was not reading it, was wondering what was going to happen next. Filled with French vocabulary words, and a boy wishing he had listened more in French class, the most unthinkable reasons for why it is important to learn foreign languages are encountered. In the end you might say, let’s go for some language immersion! Anyone francophile, Paris loving, or just curious for a good adventure should pick up this book, I wholeheartedly recommend it!

Book review by Solveig Werner of Trapped in Paris by Evelyne Holingue, 2012, Burel Press

You can connect with Evelyne on her blog.

Where to find Trapped in Paris:
Currently Trapped in Paris can be found for free on iBooks until Labour day (Sep. 7th 2015)
Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon France

9 thoughts on “Discovering a different side of Paris ~ A book review and recommendation of “Trapped in Paris” by Evelyne Holingue

  1. Thank you so much, Solveig, for putting this review of my novel. I truly appreciate your support. I hope that the readers of your blog will take the opportunity of the free book to read it too. Merci beaucoup.

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  2. Sounds like a great book!!!! When we were in Paris we got caught up in a Protestation – at least that is what I think they called it, and it seemed we were swept along with the tides. I am not even sure we ever figured out what they were protesting about because our French was not very good at all.


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