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Carelessly I crunch the wrapping paper of my cigarettes and throw it to the ground.

Ready to light my fag, I see her approaching from a distance. Out of nowhere she appeared. She is beautiful. Her charcoal hair is cropped short, a pixie cut, I think it’s called. Her skin is pale as snow, and her lips are red as blood. Her appearance makes me think of the description of snow white.

My match won’t light. I take a second one from the small red box. I observe her approach me, in her black dress, hugging her female shape. Her red soled high heels put her stunning beauty on a pedestal. I light my cigarette, and draw in a deep breath.

My thoughts are racing, should I approach this girl? I am lost.

I try to casually blow a smoke ring, impress her, you know…

Now she has reached the spot where I am. Her emerald green eyes lock with mine. From my hand she takes my cigarette, not for a drag, no, she lets it fall to the ground, and squishes it with her stilettos.

“You will thank me one day.” She breathes.

All my insecure self can respond is: “who are you?”

Turning away from me she replies: “No one.”

Before I know it, she disappears.

Now I can only hope that it is true, that I’ll be able to thank her one day.

I discard my new pack and think think out loud “when is one day?”. In love, I  hope that this day will be soon.

Written by Solveig Werner