The joys of summer

Out of  the cool train she stepped, into blazing summer heat. The old fashioned whistle sounded as she straightened her golden hair.

“Beautiful there you are!” her grandmother was approaching and looked sceptical at all the luggage. “I thought re-told you not to bring too much we are equipped you know”.

She rolled her deep blue eyes “yes, grandma, I know, but a city girl is a city girl.”She loved her grandmother and my grandfather but spending three weeks of her summer holidays here was too much. She was of an age where she wanted to spend her time eating ice-cream with with friends, while watching cute boys. She wanted to go on summer dates and feel admired. But her mother had decided otherwise, probably to keep out of trouble.

Her eyes readjusted slowly to the darkness, but her nose smelled the familiar smell. The sweet smell of waffles and forgotten memories was in the air. There was her grandfather holding the old waffle iron into the fire. Even on such a hot day he could not resist making home-made waffles for for his beloved grand-daughter. Embracing the old man she looked out of the kitchen window. On the path leading to the old house she caught the sight of a dog.

“You have a dog now?”

“Oh that must be Jack with his new puppy.”

Jack, who is Jack? Questioningly she looked at her grandmother, who hinted that she should go outside.

Kneeling down to cuddle the puppy, her eyes fell on Jack. He was dismounting his expensive looking bicycle, wearing one of those million-dollar smiles of a cute boy. She felt the eruption of butterflies in her stomach as he stretched out his hand to help her up saying: “Hey, I’m Jack. I am a neighbour of your grandparents”.

Wow, even here, at the edge of the civilised world, cute boys exist. Thanks mom for trying to keep me out of trouble, she though to herself as she gave him a welcoming peck on the cheek.

Written by Solveig Werner as a response to the Writing Prompt Wednesday Challenge hosted by Ula @ Confessions of a Broccoli Addict. The prompt for June 10th (you have until the 22nd to join the fun) was  Summertime “Write a story or poem that includes the following words: summer, ice cream, bicycle, dog, waffle iron.”

5 thoughts on “The joys of summer

    1. I hope that it will be regular… But peer pressure is great for that. Well your posts are always good motivators 🙂
      Ula’s prompts aren’t the easiest, but they are great fun.
      Thank you for stopping by, reading and leaving such an encouraging comment ☺️


  1. I love this. Poor mom, she should know by now that the more you try to control the less control you have. The images you invoke are wonderful. I’m amazed by the image you created in so few words. It’s so nice for you to join my challenge.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I am glad that you liked it. I still a bit rust after my long absence from writing. Your prompt was great, I had all the imagery in my head first and then had to find the right words to go with it.


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