It seems that I am in trouble.

Yesterday, and the day before yesterday, S. told me off for not writing lately, and he’s not been happy about the fact that I have been neglecting my blog. I have been doing so, yes I have neglected writing and blogging a lot lately. I have tried to read some other blogs, but I have been bad on the commenting side of things, but hopefully now I will be back with all my might.

Initially, I had planned to take a 2 week break from blogging. S. had a total of 2 weeks off from work, and we’ve been to the South of France on a great holiday for 10 days (more on that soon, I hope). During that time I had planned not to do much blogging, I did some reading (I read a book by a fellow blogger, review will be up soon).

But things came differently than I had originally planned, I spend 3 weeks away from blogging!! 3 whole weeks, I tried to comment and read other blogs during that time, but I didn’t manage to write anything myself. Life happened, and sometimes life changes around one’s priorities, and in my case the news I received prior to my holiday suffocated my inspiration and slowed my creative flow. But not only life happened, in the last two weeks of May I was quite busy with my German teaching, but in my case work cannot be an excuse for not blogging and not even writing a single line in my notebook…

So I am in trouble. And that mostly with myself, because not blogging is one thing, but not writing at all is another. S. has told me to get back to writing as he sees that I am more balanced when I do write, and that it does a lot of good for me. I think he is right, the days I write are genuinely good days, on which I am happy with myself, they are the days that have endless horizons and are full of future possibilities and projects, especially if I have received positive feedback from my readers.

Today is a strange day, for two weeks I have spend everyday with S. and little one, and today S. is back to work. He’s working his 10 hour day of the week from 9am to 8pm today, so we will not be seeing him much. I have no lessons scheduled for today, or for this week, and my parent’s aren’t around either. Which leaves me a whole day to write, write and guess what? Write! Besides writing I’ll buy onions, check my parent’s mail and water their plants, go for a walk with little one and visit and comment on other blogs. But today’s priority is writing.

Thanks for stopping by, Solveig