Josh and Aaron

Ding ding ding, the Sally jumped at the sound of her dessert spoon carefully tapping her wineglass. She felt a bit naked in her electric blue dress, but it wasn’t the cleavage that gave her that feeling, it was that about 150 pairs of eyes were suddenly staring at her.

Sally bit her lips. This was new for her, up to now she had avoided speaking at birthdays, weddings and funerals. Today, was a first. Her eyes scanned the room, everyone seemed to have been frozen, as if they were the cast of sleeping beauty, forks were in mid-air, mouths were filled with food, but had stopped to move. Even the young woman in the pink dress had not regained her position which was hinting at a laughing fit.

Under her breath, Sally muttered, “let’s do this”. She cleared her throat.

“Hello everyone, before I start, please feel free to continue eating! No need to turn into statues that could be unearthed in Pompei, we here to celebrate!”  Continue reading “Josh and Aaron”


Biology Class

“Today, we are going to dissect mice.” Miss Grand announced to the class.

A murmur of horror and excitement erupted in the classroom.

In the back row, three hands shot up.


“Miss” all three started their questions at the same time.

“One at a time!”

“Miss,” Linda asked, “do we have to? Mice are disgusting! There was once one in my gran’s kitchen, what a relief when the exterminator came.”

With a look of horror, Tina looked at her friend, “an exterminator, oh no the poor thing!”

“Tina, you can talk about this with Lida after the class, now, what was your question?”

With a very worried look, Tina started: “Erm, do I have to? I mean mice are so cute and I’ll be feeling sorry for it during the whole class.”

“Yes you have to, no one gets to sit out this important lesson, not even if you are a vegan, and no one here is of a religion that strongly forbids you to dissect dead mice.” Miss Grand added.

“Really?” Tina pressed on, “I risk crying and how will I be greeted by Mr Snuggles when I come home from school?”

“You can always tell him you are looking into becoming a vet”.

“True!” Tina looked at her hands and bit her lips.

“And Miranda, if you want to miss out on this one, sorry it won’t work!”

Moments later the three girls were looking at their trays.

“Poor thing,” Tina said giving the dead mouse a little stroke with her index “its fur is so soft! I hope that it was very old or already sick.”

“I hope not!” Exclamined Miranda while toying with the almost naked tail, ” I really want to feed it to Snowball after the lesson, he’ll be chuffed! You know I helped him catch his first mouse when he was still a baby.”

“Oh, you two are disgusting!” that was Linda, poking her scalpel at the dead rodent. “I just hope that it wasn’t sick, I don’t want to catch any diseases.”

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