Ship – S – A to Z Challenge

The continuous humming that had accompanied us for the past weeks, suddenly stopped. It was eeryliy

The continuous humming that had accompanied us for the past weeks suddenly stopped. It was eerily quiet when we woke up. Out at sea, it was always quiet, but now, we realized that the sound of the engines had been there. A white noise accompanying the gentle rocking of the waves.

“What’s going on”? I asked.

“I have no idea”, Tom answered, looking like a cat after you forced it to take a bath.

I got up, the excess of last night, or rather of the past nights and days was now loudly throbbing in my head. Somehow, weeks of excess had only come to surface in my head today. But then my memory was hazy.

“I think, I know what is going on.” I spun around, Susie was rubbing her eyes and took a sip from her water before jumping off her upper bunk.

How we all envied her, always in good shape. Always fresh and ready to work in the mornings. The past two weeks, when we were without the boss nor his guests, must have been boring for her.

“So what is it smarty pants?” Luke asked with a smirk.

“Oh, our holidays are over. The captain told me last night; when you were all high that we had some repairs to do, that the boss would join us on board tonight with his new girlfriend and that today would be a land day.”

Tom’s face fell. He was enjoying the bosses stash, we were allowed to use it as long as there would be some left, and that we would be presentable when he would come back and not use any while he or his guests would be on board.

“Oh no, I will have land sickness”, he wailed.

“No, you won’t” I reassured him.

“I guess we’ll be feeling the effects of going cold-turkey.” Luke chipped in.

“So who wants to discover this lovely city with me?” Susie proposed, opening the thick curtain and revealing an astonishing view.

“Na, we’ll stay on the ship and make ourselves presentable first.” Was our answer, knowing that that in itself would be a hard mission.


Queue – A to Z Challenge 2019

“Sorry” the woman behind the counter apologised, not sounding apologetic at all.

I looked at her with a quizzical look. What was she pretending to be sorry for? It wasn’t the queue I had waited in for the past two hours.

“Miss, I must tell you that you have waited in the wrong line.”

My heart sunk. “What do you mean?” I stuttered, suddenly hoping that it was April Fool’s day.

“Today, I cannot work on requests regarding A783B12?” She answered, like as if that was the most obvious thing in the world.

“What do you mean with A783B?” I couldn’t remember the remaining numbers.

“A783B12 is the type of query you have. And I only work on those on Mondays and Thursdays, but today we are Tuesday. You have waited in the wrong line!”

“Wait, what!? You must be pulling my leg right?” There was no answer just a big fat fake smile, no compassion. “Are you telling me that I queued for 2 hours for what, for you telling me that I have to come back in two days? I took the afternoon off work to come here.”

“Calm down young lady, or I will have to call security.” She answered violently. “I am not telling you to come back tomorrow, no, you have to get a different number form the computer, look your paper is G25 that’s not the right one. You need to get a paper with a U on it. Just go back to the machine, it will put you into the right queue!”

I glared at her in disbelief. All this waiting for nothing? The assistant at the entrance had asked me a few questions, had a look over my documents and then pressed a big button on a computer that then spat out a ticket.

“Madame, sorry, but I am not the one who pressed the button. Can you not do something for me? I have been here for hours. And as you said, the type of query I have is in your field of competencies, it is just well not the right day.”

“Nope, there is nothing I can do for you, just get into the right queue or come back on a different day.”

On a whim, I decided to join the A to Z Challenge this year. Knowing fairly well that making it would be the biggest challenge. For almost 3 years my blogging has been sporadic, work, kids and life get in the way. Still, I joined. I am lagging behind, and I got kicked off the master list. But I will finish, even if I will be late.