New Beginnings

New Beginnings

It’s a New Year…
2017 is only a few days old
It’s a year that I have been looking forward to
A year that will be filled with new things
But also with memories
of those who I love that are no loger here
It’s a year of challenges
Of a new apartment (hopefully)
It’s a year of changes
What lays ahead I cannot see (well not everything)
I do not know
But I am optimistic
Some things will be positive
others won’t be
And glad that 2016 is now behind me
It’s a new beginning
It’s a year with new life
our family will grow
With love and laughter
With hugs, kisses, smiles and tears
It’s a year of hope!

Happy New Year!


© Solveig Werner 2017. All rights reserved.


A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal

I know, I know I am a bit late for the theme reveal, but you know yesterday I had a very lovely guest post, and thus my A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal post is going up a bit late. I will ost likely be sound asleep when it will go live, as it is scheduled so that it is still the 21st of March in many time zones, that’s a good compromise isn’t it?

Last year, I found out about the A to Z Challengeonce I there seemed to be only Theme Reveal posts everywhere. This year, I should have had time to repare, but I am about as prepared as last year. If you are nterested you can find last year’s posts here, I did not have a theme back then.

aSince last year’s challenge ended, I have been thinking of my potential theme. Should I write pieces of flash fiction? Should I share memories? Should I do this or that? Since day one my blog has been eclectic, I guess that’s why pinpointing a theme in which to write 26 posts, might be a bit constraining. With what I read in the past challenge I knew what works well, what does not work too well. I quickly ecided that it would be a no to a continuous piece, as those sadly are neglected, unless you have many readers on day one that are completely charmed, it might be a tough month for you…

So what theme have I decided on? I have decided to Continue reading “A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal”

Underwater – Freestyle Writing Challenge

Some time ago I was nominated to participate in the Freestyle Writing Challenge by Rawls E. Needing to write something, but being lost for words at first, I decided to take it up today. And hey, under pressure I sure manage to write something. (The rules, my own prompt and my nominees will be at the bottom of the post).

The prom I was given:

You are going to live under the sea now. You have left your “land dwelling” life and world behind. Where are you? What is your underwater dwelling like? Are there other humanoid races, such as mermaids or something else, in this undersea realm?

Strangely it is easy not to breath anymore. I have developed a fish like skin and lifestyle. But I am not a mermaid, no those are far more beautiful creatures than we. I have taken to sitting on a nice smooth rock, here I can be caressed by the rays of the sun, because sometimes the rays of the sun do pierce the surface of the sea. Further down in the trench there is my little cave, where I can hide, far away from the sharks and other beings. My cave mate at the moment is a water bear. Like myself being a water human, he has fled the dry lands and develop a capacity to live beneath the ocean. We do get along fine, we both have been hunted do to our differences. What bear likes to talk to humans? And what huan likes to spend all day in the water?

You are probably wondering how I ended up here, you know my time is limited. Still I will try to tell you, dear diver. I have been an avid swimmer for many years, my mother had a water birth, so I left the womb and glided gently into water. Swimming lessons

a total of 203 words written by Solveig in 5 Minutes

The rules: Continue reading “Underwater – Freestyle Writing Challenge”

The joys of summer

Out of  the cool train she stepped, into blazing summer heat. The old fashioned whistle sounded as she straightened her golden hair.

“Beautiful there you are!” her grandmother was approaching and looked sceptical at all the luggage. “I thought re-told you not to bring too much we are equipped you know”.

She rolled her deep blue eyes “yes, grandma, I know, but a city girl is a city girl.”She loved her grandmother and my grandfather but spending three weeks of her summer holidays here was too much. She was of an age where she wanted to spend her time eating ice-cream with with friends, while watching cute boys. She wanted to go on summer dates and feel admired. But her mother had decided otherwise, probably to keep out of trouble.

Her eyes readjusted slowly to the darkness, but her nose smelled the familiar smell. The sweet smell of waffles and forgotten memories was in the air. There was her grandfather holding the old waffle iron into the fire. Even on such a hot day he could not resist making home-made waffles for for his beloved grand-daughter. Embracing the old man she looked out of the kitchen window. On the path leading to the old house she caught the sight of a dog.

“You have a dog now?”

“Oh that must be Jack with his new puppy.”

Jack, who is Jack? Questioningly she looked at her grandmother, who hinted that she should go outside.

Kneeling down to cuddle the puppy, her eyes fell on Jack. He was dismounting his expensive looking bicycle, wearing one of those million-dollar smiles of a cute boy. She felt the eruption of butterflies in her stomach as he stretched out his hand to help her up saying: “Hey, I’m Jack. I am a neighbour of your grandparents”.

Wow, even here, at the edge of the civilised world, cute boys exist. Thanks mom for trying to keep me out of trouble, she though to herself as she gave him a welcoming peck on the cheek.

Written by Solveig Werner as a response to the Writing Prompt Wednesday Challenge hosted by Ula @ Confessions of a Broccoli Addict. The prompt for June 10th (you have until the 22nd to join the fun) was  Summertime “Write a story or poem that includes the following words: summer, ice cream, bicycle, dog, waffle iron.”

X is for Xenophobia – A to Z Challenge April 2015

Oh what a horrible thing Xenophobia! According to wikipedia,

Xenophobia is the unreasonable fear of what is perceived to be foreign or strange.

Even in our, now, very advanced and open mind-set, xenophobia still exists. People who move to a foreign country or even visit one can at times be confronted with it, and that is never fun and it can HURT a lot. Sometimes people get prejudged and filed away in a mental drawer upon their foreign looks and they are not form the place attributed to them…

When I was about 13 living in the U.S., a boy in my middle school called me a “Nazi”, that really hurt, because words can hurt. I was not /am not the type of person normally jumping up to defend myself, but that made me really mad, I recall sprinting after him to make him take it back.

When I left home to go to university, I was really proud of my international background. I was not confronted with xenophobia, but someone told me that I should be careful who I told that I was German, lived in France before coming to the UK and well not talk to much to certain people as I had an American accent (I lost that one really quickly once in England). Well, in the end, it never was a problem, I was generally appreciated the way I was.

Have you ever been a victim or witness of xenophobia? What did you do about it?

Written by Solveig Werner

V is for Vanilla – A to Z Challenge April 2015

V is for Vanilla

I reopened the freezer, took out the Whole Foods French Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. Even though I was doing this in secret, it cannot have stayed unnoticed for long, but I never heard any remarks regarding my guilty little pleasure.

I always appreciated the taste of vanilla, it was probably that ice cream when I was a teen that made me discover it. I did not know at that time that French Vanilla Bean actually has little to do with France. Normally it is called “Bourbon Vanilla”, in honour of the French dynasty, and refers to a specific origin: Madagascar and La Réunion. For a long time that was all I knew about vanilla, which was prominent to me in the form of vanilla extract and over-priced pods that were rather dry and twig-like. Continue reading “V is for Vanilla – A to Z Challenge April 2015”

U ist für Unterkunft – A to Z Challenge April 2015

“Wir brauchen für heute Nacht unbedingt eine Unterkunft!” sagte Tim mit ernster Miene zu seinem besten Freund Christian.

“Ich weiß, wir werden schon etwas finden”, erwiderte dieser gelassen.

“Wie kannst du bloß so ruhig sein? Meine Mutter wird mir die Hölle heiß machen, wenn sie erfährt, dass ich unter einer Brücke oder auf einer Parkbank übernachtet habe. Sie war ja schon von Anfang an gegen unseren Ausflug.”

Am frühen Morgen, waren Tim und Christian mit ihrem Nachtzug in dieser schönen Stadt angekommen, in der sie kein Wort verstanden. Das Abitur frisch in der Tasche, hatten sie sich entschieden eine schöne Reise zu unternehmen, bevor es mit dem Ernst des Lebens weiter gehen sollte.

Grün hinter den Ohren wie sie nun mal waren, hatten sie sich nicht darum gekümmert im Voraus nach Unterkunftsmöglichkeiten zu schauen, geschweige denn die nötigen Wörterbücher einzupacken.

“He, Tim, hatten wir nicht abgemacht nicht über Mütter, oder Weiber zu schwätzen?” foppte Christian seinen besorgten Freund. “Komm mach dir keine Sorgen, wir werden schon eine gute Unterkunft finden”, versuchte er ihn zu beruhigen.

Welcher den Tränen nahe erwiderte, “aber die Jugendherberge dort drüben war schon voll. Die Hotels sind alle viel zu teuer, die können wir uns nicht leisten”.

Schweigend gingen sie weiter durch die schöne Stadt, die ihnen immer bedrückender vorkam.

“Komm, wir fragen dort!”, Christian deutete auf ein Gebäude am Ende der Straße.

Eine knappe Stunde später lagen sie mit vollen Bäuchen auf harten Pritschen. Sie konnten ihr Glück kaum fassen. Eine kostenlose Unterkunft mit Abendessen und Frühstück.

“Gute Nacht Jungs”, sagte ein freundlicher Polizist in einem gebrochenem Schuldeutsch, hielt inne als er die Zelle zuschließen wollte, “nee euch muss ich ja nicht einschließen”.

Geschrieben von Solveig Werner

R is for Rose – A to Z Challenge April 2015

This is a continuation of “L is for Leaving“.

Nora laid the dried roses into a brown shoebox. The roses were a present from Peter from when they started going out, from when they still lived in the same town. Now months later, with many train hours between Nora and Peter, the roses in this  box, were ready to be moved to Nora’s future home. Peter’s home.

This was goodbye. She had not always called this place “home”, but her love for roses had helped.

Waiting for her taxi, Nora turned around and at the rosebushes in full bloom. She felt tears arriving in her eyes, but smiled. There was no garden at Peter’s house, there were no roses she could tend to there. Not like she had done here.

“Nora!”, she heard someone shout.

“I am glad that you have not left yet!”, the elderly lady from the 3rd floor approached her with an envelope in her thin hands. “Here, this is from all of us, almost the whole street has signed it! We will miss you and your flower keeping talent around here. Just don’t open it right away.”

In the train, wiping the tears out of her eyes, leaving was so hard, Nora opened the envelope. It was a big card depicting a bouquet of roses.

Thank you, for being there for our roses. We hope that you will never forget them, just like us. When you arrive be ready to be surprised.

Peter welcomed her with a kiss and a red rose.

“Let’s go home, a surprise is waiting for you”.

Written by Solveig Werner

Q is for Questions – A to Z Challenge April 2015

It is important to ask questions. Without asking questions we will not learn more, or we will not learn the things that we want that truly interest us.

In the Book “Sophie’s World” by Jostein Gaarder, the importance of questions is underlined. I read the book more than ten year ago, and still recall the passage on questions. A child is the perfect philosopher, as it will ask many questions and is not satisfied with a brief incomplete answer.

Sadly I have observed parents telling their children to ask less questions, don’t do that, tell them you don’t know and check with them in a book, on the internet or ask someone else. Questions will make you and your children grow.

Sometimes breaking down a question into many small questions can lead to finding the right answer. Science, research and learning are all about questions. Asking many different questions to find an answer.

When you don’t understand something, or are not 100% sure, ASK! And no, there are no stupid questions. 

At school and university, I used to ask a whole lot of questions. In a math course at university, I asked so many questions, that the professor called me “Miss Sceptic”. Some of my fellow students approached me, to let me know that they were glad I did ask those questions, they had not understood and did not dare open their mouths to ask…

What questions do you ask yourself and others? Do you ask a lot of questions? Do you encourage others to ask questions?

Written by Solveig Werner