If we were having coffee – 26th September 2020

Remember? I used to do these coffee shares on a weekly basis for quite some time.
This morning, I thought that maybe I should join in again.

In a year, where virtually meeting with friends and family has become the new normal, I no longer know how to welcome you, my dear reader into my house, but let’s continue the old ways.

Come on in! For some reason the temperatures outside have dropped by a massive amount. In the first half of last week it was 35°C and now it’s 14°C in the early afternoon. But maybe, just maybe this means that autumn is finally coming. The climate here has been going crazy, to tell you the least.

How are you? I hope Covid hasn’t been too tough for you and you and your loved ones could make it through without any losses or major health issues.

Here, things were going pretty well, and now, they are going the wrong way. Yesterday, we had 15 000 new cases in France, the day before that over 16 000 new cases. At the moment the numbers are just worryingly high. In Marseille the city is largely shutting down in the coming week, here in Paris there will be more and more restrictions, but it is still “normal”.

Sorry, what do you want to drink? I have some nice teas. Or how about a hot chocolate? Oh, you were hoping for coffee, sorry, I don’t drink any and don’t keep any in the house either.

Speaking about the house, last time we shared a coffee, we were still living in our too tiny apartment. Last year, in September we were finally able to move and now have the space we need. It is a super nice apartment in an even better neighbourhood (just 1km away, but still nicer). I now live 600m from the Arc de Triomphe, thus it is now an even more prominent guest on my instagram.

I have been more than absent from my blog. And that even though, I want to write more, but I am sure I suffer from imposter syndrome. Do you? It is horrible and keeps me from doing what I really want to do, write!
I really don’t have any excuse. I am a freelance German teacher, and there are days most weeks where I am home alone and I do have time to write. But, you have guessed it, I do not write. I need to get my discipline in order. Blogging had always been a good way, of writing and testing reactions, and when I did it regularly, it was definitely very good practice.

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Happy birthday! Today, my mom was meant to celebrate her 59th birthday. But that never happened. The last time we got to celebrate Nicola’s birthday with her present was her 54th in 2015. I don’t know when, where and by whom this picture was taken (edit it was taken by Hyllen Schönewarnefeld), my grandmother send it to me via WhatsApp earlier today. In May 2015 my mother was diagnosed with a rare cancer caused by HPV (human papilloma virus 🦠) which quickly advanced and 9 month after the initial diagnosis life left her body. Nicola left us with two requests: – live the music that plays within you – create awareness regarding HPV, to talk about the HPV vaccines 💉, incite women to go have a regular Pap-smear to avoid other women dying of preventable cancers, and to push the agenda of vaccinating both girls and boys, because men too can have HPV-caused cancers and can also be healthy carriers, by now, we probably all know too well how dangerous healthy carriers can be. Nicola was an artist, but most of her life she created and did not believe in herself, it was only in the last moths of her life, that she said “I am an artist” art was the music flowing in her veins, she was always creating something, my sister and I had constantly told her that she was an artist, but imposter syndrome had the best of her for a long time. So today, get off your butt call your gynaecologist get your next pap-smear booked, have your kids vaccinated, make sure your partner, friend, mom, dad cousin, sister, daughter, son all to the same! And listen to that music that is in your heart. Live that music! Live that passion! Don’t worry about the voix that says you aren’t good enough. Listen to the compliments! Listen to your heart! Much love ❤️ stay healthy and safe! Solveig

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I turned 32 this August, and when asked what I wanted to do in this 33rd year of my life, I answered, I wanted to write, so I really have no excuses.
Even less so when you read my instagram post, which I dedicated to my late mother yesterday (I should have be celebrating her 59th birthday with her, but that never happened).
The comments that I have been receiving have been overwhelming. I am so glad, that we are fulfilling one of her last wishes, creating HPV awarenesses.
And if I don’t write, I am not living that music playing within me. And I know, when I write, I am by far happier and have a better functioning mind, than when I don’t.

I gave my site a little makeover. I am not yet perfectly happy with it (always need something to keep me from writing). Last week, I finally created a proper landing page, after all, my site is not just for my blog, but also as a space where people can find out more about my services and can reach out to me.
What do you think?

I know, it’s time for you to go. Do you care for a coconut rocher? Are they called that? I made some yesterday, and they are super delicious.

Just one more question. Do you have trouble commenting on wordpress blogs? WordPress always thinks I am logged out and does not let me like or comment unless I am on the reader. And even on my own blog, there has been the problem of it not recognising who I am. I am conscious that this might be a browser problem (I am using safari).

Thanks for your little visit. Have a great weekend! Take your mind off work and take care of yourself.


This post is part of the #WeekendCoffeeShare Linkup, find the other participants on Eclectic Ali’s post

PS. I am tempted to redo an advent calendar this year, would you be interested in being my guest? If there are enough potential participants, I will have no choice but to go ahead.

14 thoughts on “If we were having coffee – 26th September 2020

  1. I find that even though the Covid situation has given us more time to do things we want to, the stress it causes as well as the social isolation renders us immobile. I hope you get to writing soon. Stay healthy.

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    1. I know, I was lucky that fairly quickly lots of people wanted to continue their lessons or take lessons as it took their mind of the situation. But it did put quite a lid on creativity.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. It is nice seeing you! I have been off Instagram for over a month (new phone), so have missed a lot of your recent posts. Are you close to what might be called the diplomatic area? I never spent much time in that end of Paris, but that is what I remember about it (I do not shop on the Champs-Élysées 😉 ). I have been reading about the upswing in Covid cases over there. It is worrying, and more so that, like here, there are people protesting restrictions. Right now my imposter syndrome is pretty high, particularly for writing. i have had a book ready for self-publishing for a year that I do not want to expose to the public. it goes up and down, and write now the aversion is getting worse. If I find a secret to overcome it, I’ll let you know 😉
    I hope that you are doing well and that we see more of you around here. Have a great weekend!


  3. So happy to see you here again, and to hear that you live in a place that you are happy with. I enjoyed sharing a cup of tea with you today. Stay safe, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  4. Hello Solveig,
    It has been too long. Do you recall me? You shared one of my stories on your advent calender 2 years back. And, yes, you should do one again. And, yes,, I’d love to share a piece again if you’d have me.
    If we could sit down to coffee. I’d be thrilled to have tea instead. I maybe have coffee 1-2x per week but daily I’m putting away 2 large mugs of tea as part of my morning reading time.
    Over our tea I’d tell you that I’ve come a long way since we last spoke. For me, a lot of words have been shared and I’m mostly pleased with my results. I just starting to switch from my autobiographical essays to short fiction.
    Still so far to go but I too have issues getting going. We should share incentive ideas.
    Anyway — welcome back!
    I’ve been a fairly weekly poster to the coffee share and my posts could be used as a portal to all the weekly collections over the past 2,5 years. It just so happens that I reminded everyone of this in my post this week. I hope you stop by.
    They tell me that a sincere virtual hug is still safe in these covington times so I offer you one.
    Can we count on seeing you back here again next week?


  5. What a great tribute to your mom.. ❤ I too took a break from my blog. I find I have trouble with content and I stare at a blank screen for what seems like days. It's good to be back with my coffee buds though, and it's great to hear from you.


  6. Solveig, Nice to meet you virtually and thank you for your coffee share. That’s a beautiful tribute to your Mom. I hope you find time to write. I don’t have any issue commenting on WordPress blogs. I use Firefox most of the time.


  7. Starting with the comments… I had terrible toruble commenting on my own blog last year (I think last year, could be earlier) I did write a post on it a few times, as different solutions happened at different times. But it’s been quiet for a while (fingers crossed).

    1) Jetpack installation may be a problem, but as you are on the free wordpress (.com, not .org) that shouldnt arise.
    2) on an iPad it was even worse than on the Mac.
    3) Try unchecking something in the Mac and/or Safari security/settings/preference area that prevents you sharing data across your tabs in Safari.
    4) Log out of WordPress.com and log in a agin an hour later.

    I hope one or other of these helps.

    As for writing. I had to take a break before during and after the whole house moving process. I started with a short flash fiction or two. Still not ready for anything longer, but I’m playing with more projects that involve collections and editing, to keep me entertained.

    And grieving doesnt help writing, unless it’s about the memories of the person you’re grieving for.

    Thanks for the tisane 🙂


  8. Welcome back. Cheers to your mama. May she live joyously in your heart.


  9. Welcome back, glad to find you back in the blogging sphere ^_^
    Yep 2020 has been a cray year but here we are still.

    For your WordPress commenting issues try the following clear the cache memory and cookies of your browser (its somewhere in the settings) and also ensure you enable cookies for your site so that it remembers that you are logged in


  10. Hey there. I’m updating my feed aggregator and saw your site there. I’ve been off the blog a lot this year. I hope you’re well. I hope you’re writing, even if you’re not writing here. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.


  11. Dear Solveig, I loved the Instagram memorial to your Mother – I can’t believe it has been six years now. Time doesn’t really seem to ease the pain of losing someone so important.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Definitely! Time just makes things easier but does not heal things completely. I sometimes don’t realise that she is gone. When I need advice regarding to the kids or need to share some things you only share with your mom, well then it hits deep. She would be turning 60 in September.


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