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IMG_3829 If we were having coffee, then I would tell you that I am about to step outside, to go to my parents’ apartment to see my family. So that means that I won’t be around much.

Yesterday we celebrated Thanksgiving, it was great with a lot of good food. Today the celebration continues, we will be visiting Paris, not sure what yet. And eating a lot of food, hey it’s Thanksgiving… So that means I might actually have you join me for coffee in a café this week.

If we were having coffee I’d ask you about your Thanksgiving. How was it? Then I’d ask you about your plans for the week to come and for December.

Then our focus would shift to blogging. I’d tell you that I posted my first ever feminism post on Friday, about bad teachers… I’d be proud that I am managing quite well with NanoPoblano, after this post goes up I have 2 more to go.

Then I’d tell you that for the first 24 days of December my blog will be turned into an advent calendar. I have already quite a few people who agreed to participate with something related to Christmas/winter holidays. But I am still looking for more, the more the merrier… Would you like to share a holiday story on my blog? It can be a memory, telling about your traditions, sharing a cookie recipe, a short story, your book’s characters celebrating Christmas, really anything, the limit is your imagination! I’d love to have someone share their traditions of no Christian celebrations such as Hanukah. Oh and I still have no male contributors.

Ok gotta run, make sure you head to Diana’s bog Part-Time Monster to check out her hostess post and the linkup of all the others.

Have a great weekend!

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