If we were having coffee (on the 20th of October 2018)

If we were having coffee today, then I would tell you that it has been forever since I last did a coffee share post. I don’t know how long it has been, but let’s not dwell on that. You can find all old coffee share posts in the category Weekend Coffee Share and all new ones (erm future ones as this is the first one) in the category If we were having Coffee.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you how happy I am to have you join me today. I’d tell you that I still don’t drink coffee and that we will thus be having tea or water, or that we can have a coffee in a nearby café (but I am frugal…). As the weather is nice (global warming alert) we can find a nice place outside, and if it’s cold there are often blankets and heaters to keep us warm.

If we were having coffee or some other beverage, then I’d ask you how you are. So, how are you doing? I hope that you are happy, that you and your loved ones are in good health, that you have a good life balance. What are your projects, aspirations? What have you been up to lately (if you also do coffee shares then I’ll try to find some time to join you and read up)?

I suppose that you’ll have a lot of questions for me, especially seen my absence from coffee shares and blogging in general. I love blogging, the creativity and exchanges that come with it are so great, but sometimes a break just happens. After my birthday I decided to take things into hand and I am now posting once a week for my 30 to 31 challenge. This week, I suddenly found the time, energy and inspiration to write. That was on Monday. On Monday, I was home alone, I didn’t have to work and spending some time with myself just for myself seems to have rebalanced my energies.

I posted something in German. I know that most of my regular readers don’t really read in German, but I am a German teacher and my blog is also a way for students to find me (they actually do). Lately, many of my students have been asking for audio and video material to use in their own time. I am blessed that I currently have motivated students (that isn’t always the case). As I don’t want to post a simple list, I figured to start a series on my blog where I share some useful resources. 

You might have noticed that my blog has changed its appearance. Now, I have a theme that needs visuals, pushing me to be even more creative. You should follow me on Instagram! Sometimes my blog posts lead me to end up posting sketches over there… When I wrote about being eco-friendly, I had to draw this tree:

I hope that I’ll be sharing coffee with you many many times in the months to come. But I won’t be making any promises. Speaking of promises, I will do my best to put up a post regarding the 4th edition of the advent calendar! Yes! I will host it again. Hopefully, between now and the 1st of December I’ll be nice and active on my blog as to draw in readers and participants. It’s just such a fun thing, a lot of work, but if everything is done in advance it is manageable. I still haven’t updated my list of participants from last year, and I never posted an overview post. I am sorry about that, but I just fell of planet blogging. And the truth be told, creating a post with about 30 links and no real content just ain’t my cup of tea.

I shall leave you here, my kids want some fresh air and some sun. I’ll try to catch up with you and I’ll try to reply…

It looks like that the #WeekendCoffeeShare has changed host, thus head over to Eclectic Ally to see read her’s and find the links to the other posts.

Thanks for joining me and have a lovely weekend!

Solveig 😘

14 thoughts on “If we were having coffee (on the 20th of October 2018)

  1. If I was there, I would insist on coffee at a cafe, my treat – the only thing that compares with coffee at a Parisian cafe is cappuccino at a Roman one 😉 It’s good to see you back into blogging! I did see the German post. I tried to cipher a bit of it out using the few words of German that I know and cognates, but soon gave up. I hope you have a great week!

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    1. Well if you ever do come to Paris, then we’ll go and have a coffee, I’ll probably be insiting on inviting… I plan on writing a few more German posts, they are for people learning German as I think German speakers will be bored, can’t see them needing ressources to hear and read German… Have a great weekend and week too!

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      1. I’ve been to Paris three times and hope to return in a few years – it is my favorite city! OK, I know it is the world’s favorite city… Anyway, I will make sure I let you know when I next visit and perhaps we can really do coffee/tea together.

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          1. Someday I’ll make it there. Not sure if I could survive the flight 😉 If I do get there, I will need a month or more since I want to see new Zealand as well.

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            1. It’s been a long time since I flew to and from Europe and I had a week in Thailand on the way back which broke it up. We’re fairly conditioned to long travel here. Our family tends to drive to Queensland around once a year which takes a day. I think the kids have only been on a plane once when they were very small because it’s easier to drive with the four of us and Geoff at the wheel. We spent two weeks in NZ on or honeymoon and pre digital I went through 50 rolls of film and some were 36s. I think that was before they filmed Lord of the Rings etc over there. It really is an enchanting world of green, mountains, fog and sheep. You’d really love Tassie as well. It’s very similar.

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                1. It is the Milford Track and I think my aunt and uncle might’ve done it. I’d forgotten all about it. That would be right up your alley. Rotarua with it’s mud pools and thermal springs is amazing and they have a strong Mauri culture around there too.

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  2. The tea was tasty! Thank you! I headed over to your Instagram, you are so creative! Truly inspirational. I hope that you write many more coffee shares, it’s so much fun 🙂


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  3. Hi there
    just realised I havent seen you around these parts in like ages hahaha how be you?
    Thank you for the coffee and catch up


  4. Totally understand breaks, I’ve taken several throughout my time in the blogosphere. Good to have you back and I look forward to future coffee shares!


  5. Hi Solvieg. I’m new enough that I don’t recall that we’ve met before. I we really were sitting down to coffee, I’d insist that we also have enough time to do proper introductions and get to knew each other well enough to have a few laughs along with the tea or coffee. For what it may be worth, I’ve found that it is well worth the time to get your share posted early (unlike what I did this weekend) and then make sure you circle back either Sunday or Monday to review all the other shares. This is an interesting group with quite a spread of interests. Anyway, I want to extend to you the same offer you made. Please feel free to pop over to my story blog where each essay is designed to be a short 10 minute read and most are intended to be humorous. I look forward to seeing some of your projects too. Welcome back.


  6. Hey, Solveig. Just had a bit of fun. Was watching Peppa Pig in German on my computer and my husband is working from home and our son is home sick. Geoff comes out and catches me watching Peppa Pig and thinks I’ve gone mad until he can’t understand the lingo. Soon our son appears to see what I’m up to. Mum watching Peppa Pig is a serious concern for a 14 year old high school student. Geoff returns and says to him: “You have to get her outside for a walk before she goes completely insane.” Our son also threatened to remove the kettle to get some movement.
    It’s actually 2.30pm and I’m still in my PJs on a school day. It’s so comfortable but as I mentioned earlier I have been having a bit of a reality break and have been battling fatigue and my hours are also back to front, which I’m trying to remedy. Seems to be a long way back to the surface.
    xx Ro


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